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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 29, 2008
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• No, no more taxes!

The economy is getting worse and worse, people are losing jobs, if you have a job you are not getting raises or working less than 40 hours a week, 401Ks are plummeting, grocery bills are sky rocketing, health care is out of this world. And now I am asked to pay more taxes to keep kids out of gangs and add to schools that were just built? And talk of a water bill that could be six times more that what I pay now? Is it the goal of the city/school district to have more people out of their houses because they can no longer afford to pay a mortgage? Maybe a measure should be passed that would build a homeless shelter for all those people that are going to need it.

• Parental role usurped?

Why, as a taxpayer, should I vote yes to Measure U? I keep seeing the big emphasis that it will keep kids out of gangs but isn't that the parents' job? Since when is it the taxpayers' job to pass a measure for a school district to do a parents' job? When you decided to have children, you decided that it is your job to raise that child - not mine!

• Thanks to Trim Masters

The Ceres High School football program would like to send a special thank-you to Trim Masters Inc. In June the Trim Masters Foundation donated $3,200 in order for Ceres High School football to purchase new jerseys at all three levels. Trim Masters Inc. is locally located on South McClure Road in Modesto and their national headquarters is located in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Thank you for the support, Trim Masters Inc.

• Unwise police tactic?

Regarding the story on the escapee, (police) should have waited until he got into the store then approached him, not next to his car where he has access to jump right back in. Your crime rate there is bad enough - that is why I moved away in 1994.

• Wrong time for Measure U

I'm calling in regards to Measure U. It seems like maybe it's not a bad idea but it is a property tax assessment. People who rent say it won't affect them; that they don't own property. But their rent will go up because the property taxes will go up and the landlords will have to pay for it as well.

And it seems all our city councilmen and mayor are all Republicans but every one of them voted yes to support the new tax and never met a tax they didn't like. Seems like they're nothing but tax-and-spend liberals to me. Most of the people who support - Dr. Hanline, Mr. Siegel, and people from the firefighters union and police union - I don't think any of them even live in Ceres. They work here and are paid by our tax dollars so, of course, they're going to support a tax increase.

Last week the president of the union said that he'll support Measure U because the school district supported Measure H for them. Tax, tax, tax! People are losing their jobs and houses and things like that. It's just a bad idea; a wrong time for the economy to increase taxes with Measure U and Measure S.

• Obama connections dismissed

The media is glossing over all of Obama's past associations with the likes of Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and his long-time hate-spewing Pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Also, Obama has a strong relationship with Farakhan, who's the leader of the Black Muslims. Everyone should do their own research using Obama's own books, websites, public records, etc. And if you go on the internet you will even see Farakhan preaching sermons saying they're going to use Obama as a tool and has proclaimed him "the Messiah." This is a hate-spewing group.

It's too bad that Obama supporters aren't taking the time to find out who Obama really is.

• Fine those leaving up signs

In reading the "Sound Off!" about people leaving up yard sale signs and even political signs after the election, maybe come up with something. Maybe a person has to put a bond up, so to speak, to put a sign up. And if they don't they get fined. If the city has to remove them, then they get fined. If a person wants to put up a sign, they go down, file a piece of paper and put their credit card down, put the sign up. The sign has to be taken down x amount of days after the sale, or politicians. Or even sandwich signs that businesses put out. Make them have a little sticker on them and if they're not taken down then the city takes them down and fines them $100. They already have a credit card number. I'd hate to see the city have to do it but self-governance doesn't work without discipline.