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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 5, 2011
• What the coach failed to disclose

In response to the "Coach resigns over unpunished thief," what the coach failed to say, was that this is a seven-year-old girl in whom they wanted the Ceres Cowboys to discipline for an incident that occurred at her home. The Ceres Cowboys Board of Director all met and voted unanimously that we cannot discipline participants for issues that occur outside of the Ceres Cowboys boundaries (practice/games and scheduled events). Although she blames the VP for knowing a family member of the child, she failed to mention that two of her cousins are on the Ceres Cowboys Board and were present at both the initial hearing and the appeals hearing.

We believe that every volunteer has something to offer and truly appreciate all of our coaches and volunteers who day in and day out show up for the love of the kids, community and organization.

It is our goal to be fair and consistent and if we as an organization start disciplining our participants for issues that occur at home, school or church than we would be overstepping our boundaries. I believe this area is best served by the Parents - not the Cowboys. We are here as an extra-curricular activity providing an outlet and opportunity for kids to learn how to play football and cheerlead.

If you are truly here for the kids, you just don't quit when you don't get your way. A lesson many of us adults still need to learn.

- Madeline Patterson


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