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Sound Off! calls published on April 1, 2009
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• Supports 95351 zip

I grew up in the Ceres area and have lived on the north side of Hatch Road for the last 20 years. For you to say that the only excuse people used for not wanting to change their zip was they would have to change their stationery is the biggest lie I've heard in a while. How many trips a year do we actually have to make to the post office to pick up a package or sign for a letter? In the 20 years I have lived here, it has happened to me maybe 10 times. It is not inconveniecing me to run over to Paradise; it's not that far.

If we change to the 95307 zip we would have to change every legal document we have. Is the city of Ceres going to compensate me for my time and effort it takes to change everything? I don't see that happening.

So as far as I am concerned you should keep your opinions to yourself on the south side of Hatch Road. I, for one, am happy the way things are. We have too much government in our lives as it is so let it lay.

(Editor's note: We randomly selected an address in the center of the effected postal area and googled the distances to the Paradise and Ceres post offices. We found that travel time to Paradise post office was double that of the distance to the Ceres post office. We also discussed the confusion that results from the mislabeling of another city's address to a separate city's jurisdiction.)

• Only poor don't learn English

I want to sound off about people who don't learn English when they come here. It seems like whenever I go to the poorest areas of the county, they all speak Spanish. What does that tell you? Hey immigrants, if you don't learn English, you're always going to be poor. How about educating yourselves? Your kids know more English than you do. That's a shame.

• Impalas are not ritzy car

I'm here to comment about the "Big spender Uncle Sam" (a call published in "Sound Off!" on March 25, 2009). Impala cars cost $25,000 and there's only two of them out there. I would like for people to quit complaining and blaming the government for all their problems and get a job at McDonald's because McDonald's is good honest money.

• Upset about zip code balloting

I'm calling about the Ceres changing the zip code from Modesto. I'm really upset about it. I looked for a house in Modesto coming from a small town, which I needed to move to Modesto. I bought a house, thinking it was Modesto. Come to find out once I signed the papers and everything that it was Ceres. I would rather live in Modesto and not Ceres. Jeff I read your comments. I disagree with that. There has to be boundaries somewhere. And Hatch Road could be the divider line. Leave us Modesto and you guys Ceres.

And also about the mayor, I think he's doing it for himself, his satisfaction, his benefit. There's an old saying, if you want anything done, run for City Council. Well, that's what the mayor did. I believe he probably has a business or something's going on to where it's affecting him personally. I think it's ridiculous. I think it should just stay the same. It's been this way. I just bought new checks. Now when I go rent my house out or sell it I have to say Ceres, which I'd rather be in Modesto. I think Modesto is more ... um, um, just a nicer place than Ceres. I'm sorry to say that. I moved to Modesto and I'd hate to see it changed to Ceres.

(Editor's note: Caller, are you saying that you mistakenly bought a house in the Ceres city limits and were lulled into thinking you bought a house in Modesto because of the outdated address applied to your house? What a perfect illustration for our point that using the 95351 zip code for an area that should be Ceres 95307! See the confusion that results? You bought a house in the Ceres city limits thinking it was in Modesto just because of a mailing address. You didn't bother to look at a city map! Postal boundaries and city limit boundaries are out of kilter in your situation and that's why the mayor wants it changed! Perhaps you should direct your anger at your real estate agent for failing to properly disclose that your house is in Ceres city limits and not in Modesto. Don't be angry at the mayor or editor who believe postal boundaries are outdated and need correction.)

• Politicians in bed with AIG

AIG. First and foremost, Senator Christopher Dodd has received $280,000 in contributions from AIG during many years.

President Obama has received $101,000. Charles Schumer, the senior U.S. senator from New York, $111,000. John Kerry, the illustrious Democratic president candidate in 2004, has received $85,000. John McCain, $59,000. Hillary Clinton, $35,000. Max Baucus from BIg Sky Montana, $24,000. Joe Biden, our vice president, $20,000. It is unbelievable.

Now then, these senators want to tax executives of AIG who got the bonuses at a 98 percent tax rate. However, AIG is worldwide and some of those executives live in England so those U.S. tax laws don't apply in Great Britain. Those executives were paid to fail. Unbelievable. It really truly is dumb.

• 95351 is just fine here

Most residents who live in the Herndon Road area want to keep delivery in Modesto. As far as it being inconvenient for customers to pick up letters or packages from Paradise, they have all the 95354 residents out of Paradise as well which is further out then Ceres. So should they be changed to Ceres too since its closer? It's all about the money to Ceres. During this economic time who can afford to take a chance with this change, both to the residents and businesses? The surveys that were sent out by USPS are now ballots?

Oh and were they in Spanish as well or just English? Take a look at who lives in this area and one should figure out Spanish surveys were needed.