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Sound Off! calls published on April 21, 2010
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• CUSD is way out of touch

I am calling regarding the article in the Ceres Courier on April 7 about "10 percent cut for all city workers?" It looks like something needs to be done. We just don't have the revenues anymore.

I'm also concerned about ... the schools having to cut their spending and things. I'm concerned that the Ceres school district is out of touch with reality on this massive building spree they've been going on the last couple of years and it's my understanding they still want to build two more schools. I think their philosophy of a school on every corner has got to stop. I think we need to look at building more classrooms, having less office staff, less principals and things like this so we can hire more teachers, not more principals and overhead.

It's my understanding that a principal makes about $100,000 in salary and compensation and benefits. I just think that a principal ought to be able to handle 1,000 to 1,200 kids not 600 to 700 kids.

• Random drug testing would offer proof

In response to the caller who claims our local dance studio was slandered, sorry, but you are wrong, I'm sad to say. I actually know for a fact that a couple of our favorite female instructors (and I can name them if you wish) have illegal extracurricular activities. Smoking marijuana is, unfortunately, one of them. Dear director, I would suggest random drug testing, however, I know you already know who needs tested. This really isn't a surprise to anyone.

• How to act against low class neighbor?

Our new neighbors are low class. Within the last few weeks the new neighbors have had several things delivered to their home. Instead of getting rid of the packaging and pallets properly, they are leaving an empty wooden pallet in the neighbor's adjacent driveway who wasn't home when they did it. I guess the new neighbors will keep up this unruly behavior since they haven't been caught or confronted. Just goes to show that with houses at rock-bottom prices we get people with no class living in our neighborhoods.

Who do we call to report such rude behavior?

(Editor's note: Residents may call the Ceres Code Enforcement Division to report problems. The number to call Monday through Friday is 538-5799. During evenings and weekends, the number to call is 538-5712.)

• Fix it ticket charge is ridiculous

I went to the Ceres Police Department on the way to work at 7 a.m. to get a fix-it ticket signed off. The officer told me there would be an $11 charge even for Ceres residents to get an officer to sign it off and they would only do it between the hours of 8 to 5 even if there was an officer there, which there was.

I pay sales tax in Ceres, which includes an extra half percent for law enforcement. So what do we get for our money? An extra fee for them to write their name on a piece of paper, and no one to do it unless it's during "bankers' hours." Pretty soon they'll be charging to file a police report, if they don't already.

Thanks, guys, but I went Highway Patrol where they did it for free.