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Sound Off! calls published on April 29, 2009
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• Support the sober house

I just read the Ceres Courier on this lady who is going to open a sober home. If this lady wants to open up a home to help people in society to clean up their lives, more power to her. We should all support that.

• Door to door sales criticized

This is a heads up for Ceres residents. The Kirby Vacuum Company has young people going door to door selling Kirby vacuums for an outrageous amount of money. They may say they are working for college credits, but this is inaccurate: They are merely working for Kirby, and trying to sell their product by any means necessary. The bottom line is, they have promised their sales people a salary, regardless of whether or not they sell a vacuum. When pay day arrives, they retract their agreement, so the kids are unknowingly working for free. If you want a good vacuum, buy anything else. The Kirby company is the definitive scam.

• KKK left black mark on Ceres

Jeff, you weren't the editor of the Ceres Courier when the Klu Klux Klan was burning crosses in Whitmore Park in Ceres and scaring us with their menacing presence in the 1970s and early 1980s. It doesn't matter whether or not the KKK organized or lived in Keyes. The fact remains that the city of Ceres allowed the KKK to dominate our little park in the 70's and 80's because of a misplaced notion that freedom of speech allows hateful speech that can incite unlawful and unspeakable behavior. The park was originally established as a beautiful place for the public to have picnics, to relax and enjoy their family and friends and the outdoors. However that nice beginning was obliterated when Whitmore Park was occupied by the dangerous KKK members cloaked in white capes spewing hate and using scare tactics. It was a frightening time and even as a young white male I did not feel safe. Anyone who spreads hate is a thug. No one in their right mind condones racism or hate crimes. Most Ceres residents are not prejudiced nor ignorant of the benefit of good community relations.

• Sober house blessed her hubby

I'm calling in response to the sober house. My husband lived in Linda Wood's sober house for over a year. It has blessed our lives immensely. My husband is a professional in the community and unfortunately alcoholism has touched his life. He has been clean and sober for three years now by the grace of God. I want to comment. Linda Wood will go over and above to help people so it upset me to read this comment. I know this because we tried another sober living home in the community and it did not work.

Whoever made these comments, I don't understand that because unfortunately it is a disease that has touched this community and it's a bad thing but we don't say anything about it. This is a good thing. People fear these sober living homes and they need to get more educated about this. It's a good thing and I will support it 100 percent.

• Red curb irks ATM user

I just went to the Valley First Credit Union ATM that's located in front of the Ceres Police Department and I don't know whose bright idea it was to paint that whole curb red but it leaves us no access to get to our money when the other side is fully parked and the other parking lot is for the medical group across the street. So whoever thought about painting it red should have changed it to maybe green 10 minute parking or another color other than red.

• Dolphin leaders are big babies

My daughter has been part of the Ceres Dolphins swim team for a few short weeks. In this time she has witnessed horrible displays of bad behavior by parents, the swim team board and Coach Bull. It is my understanding that this is not a new problem they are experiencing. I believe everyone involved has lost sight of what is truly important: Our kids. At last night's parent meeting, no one had a solution. All anyone had to offer were accusations and finger pointing - all while our children watched because parents weren't notified that practice had been canceled.

I chose to take my daughter off the team because of the behavior of the adults involved. All I have seen from the board or Coach Bull are adults attempting to further their own egos through these hard-working kids who just want to swim. Now I am left wondering how we get a refund? Or do we get a refund?

• Regular route, huh? Why not?

This is where the mail is delivered to everybody except the right people. The Ceres Post Office has a different person all the time on this one route and mail is not getting delivered to the right household. My husband's check went out to somebody else's place and you know, that's not right! And I contacted the post office and they said it's not a regular route. Well, I'd like to know how it isn't a regular route. I think somebody ought to check into it.