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Sound Off! calls published on April 9, 2008
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• Wants Terrace to fly flag

Here at the Ceres Christian Terrace the flag never flies any more (two months). We might be old but we love our flag. Our husbands were veterans, our grandsons are now fighting for our freedom, and we ask for the flag to fly as it did with the last management, but we get no response. Guess it is just too much trouble to put it up every day! How sad to feel that way. Nothing is more beautiful than an American flag blowing in the wind!

• Hurrahs for police, Courier

I just called to thank you for our police calls (section). They're one of my favorite thing in the Ceres Courier. And I also love "Sound Off!" It's terrible though when they're almost getting as big as the newspaper to have that much crime in Ceres. But hurrah for our Police Department. At least now we know they're out there trying to get people. Thank you very much for having the Ceres Courier.

• Hey caller, apologize to Jeff

I think someone who called "Sound Off!" a while back needs to apologize to Jeff Benziger. I remember Jeff wrote a piece about this insipid Denham recall election and Jeff talked about how stupid and political it was. A week or two later a caller must have read it because he referred to it and said Jeff was guilty of right wing diatribe. I remember that term because I hear it from the union people at my workplace and we all know union people are anti Republican.

Well, since then I've noticed that all the newspapers are against the recall. The Fresno Bee condemned it. So did the Bee. So you see the Courier and Jeff were not offbase at all.

Recalls are for incompetence and corruption, not because you don't like somebody's politics. If that were the case the Democrats would be recalling Republicans out of existence. I find it an arrogant assault on an outsider to try to take out the very man we twice elected to the state Senate. This guy (Perata) is your typical "I want to silence you because I disagree with you' type of dictator we so desperately wish to get rid of in the halls of Sacramento.

• Donate the fire engine already

I've heard talk about the donation of a surplus fire truck and the possibility we will donate it to a community in Nevada. What a great idea! The fire truck, as I understand it, is outdated and no longer meets the standards in California. This truck is owned by the citizens of Ceres and the Ceres Fire Department. The city of Ceres has been trying to donate it to other agencies or sell it but no takers. Maybe it can sell for $10,000 at an auction to a collector because no fire agency can use it?

I know we in Ceres have always had a heart for others. It's our history. Haven't we donated surplus equipment to needy communities in Mexico? Well, I want to say, Americans take care of Americans. This community - Rachael, Nevada - is unincorporated with the nearest Fire Department an hour away. The community has fewer than 90 souls, I understand. A supporter of this fire truck donation was Rob Phipps, who passed away before his time. This fire truck would be donated in his name and the community of Ceres.

What price can we place on a life or a home sweet home? A small American town asking for our help. Why not?

• Les Weidman for supervisor

I read Friday's article in the Modesto Bee concerning the District 2 supervisorial race. I could not believe the comments from Vito Chiesa's campaign consultant. I know Les Weidman. I can wholeheartedly state that he is the best candidate for this supervisorial seat. He has dedicated many years of his life to helping others. He helped my family many years ago. I can't find enough words to express my gratitude to this man. I will never forget that. He is a caring, decent, honorable, helpful, knowledgable human being. Les and Linda are in my prayers.

• Grandma proud of Kristyna

My granddaughter Kristyna Fitch has played varsity soccer since she was a freshman. She has started as a defender all four years and I would like to recognize her efforts all four years, since the paper won't. Recently she has lost weight and has put all her efforts into improving her gam,e. Good job, Kristyna!

• Drivers don't know protocol

I have nearly been hit twice at the intersection of Whitmore and Faith Home. Nothing wrong with the intersection - it's the drivers. I arrived first in the intersection and each time the driver on the left assumed right of way and took off. Folks, even if we arrived at the same time, I go first because I am on the right. Frustrating!