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Sound Off! calls published on August 12, 2009
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• Babysit School Board?

I would like to comment on Mr. Hanline's comment about we can't complain about the School Board if we don't go to the meetings. My response to that is we voted the School Board in so we shouldn't have to babysit them and make sure they do there job. There was a set of guidelines that were supposed to be followed in picking the school name and plain and simple they weren't. The simple solution to this problem is re-name the school, but as usual Mr. Hanline wants us to sweep this under the rug and move on. I'm tired of everyone praising Mr. Hanline and not addressing the issues of we don't need more schools how about finishing the ones we have. Maybe we can all sit down and Mr. Hanline can buy us a beer so he can get his foot out of his mouth like President Obama.

• Becki didn't follow rules

I just want to say that I am extremely disappointed with community members who didn't want to play an active role in determining the names for the schools in Ceres but then after the fact when there was an open forum to discuss issues ... a certain community decided to petition and get other people involved and essentially tried to split the community. If she would have followed procedure she could have had a voice in the naming of the school. I think it shows that some people don't follow policy and procedure and we need to stand together as a community and say we support the decision that our School Board made and they are the voice of our community.

(Editor's note: For the sake of accuracy, Becki Nicholes did follow the procedure by submitting her recommendation to name a school after Wayne Salter. At no time did the district publicly notify the community what night they would be deliberating on the school name choices or that they were considering varying from their own policy on naming schools. When they did stray from their own policy, Mrs. Nicholes petitioned against the choice of Cesar Chavez Junior High.)

• Get behind school name

I'm a student of Ceres schools and it makes me really sad that people in the community can't just support the name of the school. Once the school's named, then everyone should support it. The community needs to stand together.

• Forum for hate and violence

The "Sound Off!" section to me is a forum for hate and violence. Every Wednesday when I get my paper I read about "people should go back to Mexico," fighting over junior high school names and then in the Aug. 5 about somebody threatening violence with a baseball bat. I think the Ceres Courier should do away with the "Sound Off!" section.

(Editor's note: To clarify, the "baseball bat" comment was directed by someone whose recyclables are being stolen from his back yard, and not associated with the two previous subjects you mentioned).

• Local Latinos who are worthy?

I'm calling in regards to the naming of the junior high and I would like to know if there was an Hispanic in Ceres that has done something for Ceres. As many years as Ceres has been here and as many Hispanics that live here and have lived here there must have been some Hispanic who has done something wonderful for the city. And I feel the junior high should be named after him, not named after a man who has never done anything for this city.

(Editor's note: The names of former mayor and officer Louie Arrollo, the late Sgt. Howard Stevenson (who was half Hispanic) and a certian Latino school janitor have all been mentioned as fitting that category. The board has determined the name will be Cesar Chavez Junior High School and the issue is not being given any further consideration).

• Vote trustees out of office

To everyone who is as upset as I am about them naming the new junior high Cesar Chavez Junior High, if the School Board refuses to go along with our wishes and name the school something else then make sure you write down each board members name and when it comes time for re-election do not vote them. That's what I am doing.

• Do we really have a recession?

I keep hearing that we have a recession or a depression but honestly I have been on vacation this summer and there are long lines where I go. People are not staying at home. Is it a media distortion?