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Sound Off! calls published on Dec. 17, 2008
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• Nab these robbers!

I just want to let everybody know about the robbers in Ceres. They broke into my friend's house last Wednesday in the morning. I don't understand why nobody saw or heard noises. What's going on, people? Don't be afraid to tell the police. We must stop them. They have been going to other houses in the same neighborhood by Roeding and Evalee.

Please don't leave things such as electronics in view. They took about $1,000 in electronics (PSP, digital camera, video camera) from my friend.

Please, I urge the police to do something fast; it is not fair that people work hard and they just take their things away. But worse, they can't live scared in their own homes thinking they'll come back at any time.

I'm starting to believe that there are more burglars than police officers.

• Vote against rate hike

Ceres is sending out a vote in the utility bills to approve or reject sewer rate increases and I want to make sure that everyone votes no. We need to find out what the rate increases really need to be, especially in the north area, since they don't even know how much sewage is flowing through the system. How are they going to increase the rates when they don't even know how much is going through? This needs to be fixed. We need to stop the vote. Vote no. Get the facts straight and then go forward. It's absolutely insane.

• Go with a metro paper then

I think this person who was making the comments about the editor being "small minded" should really stop reading a small town newspaper and subscribe to something metropolitan like maybe The Modesto Bee or possibly better yet The Sacramento Bee. That's more in line with his or her line of thinking.

• His child had no food choice

I'm calling in regards to "All deserve hot meals" (published on Dec. 10 in "Sound Off!"). Yes I think this person is very right. The way Ceres Unified runs their breakfasts and lunches is kind of ridiculous. I have a son in kindergarten at Don Pedro Elementary School and on Monday they had Ribiques and chili cheesedogs. He was excited to get a Ribique because he likes those. When he got in line to get a Ribique on a bun, they told him there was no longer any there. And then he was forced to eat a chili cheesedog which he didn't eat so then he went hungry through the day.

I mean, I don't have a problem making him a lunch but the bottom line is this person is right. We are taxpayers, we pay for this and we pay for our kids' lunches and they should be able to eat what's on the menu.

Also, I asked the cafeteria lady and she said, "Oh, we don't have any more Ribiques on a bun." Yet they opened up the oven and there was racks of them still there. I don't think it's fair to the kids.

This food comes pre-cooked already. All they have to do is heat them up. And the chicken nuggets they serve over there are like rocks. They're so burnt. The pizza was burnt. I think they need to step this up and pay closer detail and take care of our children.

• Protest in English only?

I am writing in regards to the notice of public hearing that was sent out in the Ceres utility billing on Friday Dec.12. The notice was written only in English. With the large percentage of Spanish-speaking people who own or rent homes in Ceres, I believe this subject matter is far to important to be released in English only.

Most Spanish-speaking people will open up their statements, see English words and throw the notice in the garbage so without being able to read the information about the rate increases of $16.10 by 2012 for water and up to $36.50 by 2012 for sewer, they won't know they can protest this increase of utility rates.

Maybe this is what the city is hoping will happen as it needs 50 percent of the citizenship's approval to raise the rates. Hopefully the city will notify them correctly of this information.

• Take down lights this year

While the Christmas lights look great, folks, I ask that you be considerate and at least time them down by the end of the year. Too many lazy people leave them up.