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Sound Off! calls published on Jan. 28, 2009
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• Thanks to honest lady

Back in December I was up at Arco on Hatch Road and I was pumping gas. I met a woman who was also pumping gas and through our conversation she told me that her heating system was out and that the part was going to have to be ordered and that they were without heat. So I offered to let her use my electric heater. She said, "You would do that? You don't even know me." So I said, "Sure, cold is cold. It don't matter." So she followed me home and I gave it to her and I thought no more about it until yesterday, Tuesday, the 20th. I was taking my nap and I woke up to the doorbell ringing and there stood this person. I didn't know her but she had a beautiful gift basket and she stepped aside and I saw the lady there with my heater.

I was very ill that day and I didn't get her name or nothing. I just said "Well thank you so much for bringing it back." But I really feel like she needs to be recognized for her very kind act; for even bringing it back.

I just want to let her know that I do appreciate it. I wish I knew where she lived so I could send her something or do something.

• True colors shown

Democrats showed their true colors at the Inauguration when they rudely booed President George W. Bush. What a sad and juvenile affair. Even though I felt Clinton was a joke of a president, I never would have been disrespectful to the man. I have that much awe and respect from the office of president. Chanting Obama's name like a campaign rally was remniscent of a high school rally mentalist. The Inauguration is a ceremony of decorum.

I can't believe his first action was to give more rights to the enemy combatants held at Guantanamo. He also wants Hillary to approach enemies the same way that we approach friends.

Forget offshore oil drilling. Obama is going to stop our desire to "Drill here, drill now."

God help us. Why did you voters put the gun to our head and pull the trigger?