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Sound Off! calls published on July 1, 2009
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•Demand jobs back

As far as illegal aliens taking jobs, they surely do. And they're supposed to only take jobs that Americans don't want. So therefore if you're an American you should be able to tell the employers to kick their butts off of wherever they're at because you want the job. That should be fair.

About the food stamp situation. You'd be surprised. At CostLess I stand behind a Mexican woman who used her EBT card to get her groceries ... and WIC coupons to get stuff for her baby ... and then goes right down to send home $280 every week to Mexico. If she can afford to do that she doesn't need the help.

• Give Charter competition

I am calling regarding Charter Communications. I would implore everybody to pressure to see if we can get a real cable company in Ceres. I have switched over to one of these bundles where they put your telephone, internet and TV together and put you on a two-year agreement. It's a wonderful price. Right from the start they don't bring the equipment that they promise. I've been trying and trying and trying to get what they promise and they cannot deliver. And then I called them and tried to cancel my service and they say they can't cancel my service because I'm under a two-year agreement and only have 30 days to change your mind. They promise that they're going to make things right and it gets you past the 30 days and then they hide behind that cloak. I think it's a classic bait and switch and they need to be run out of Ceres on a rail. We need to get a new cable company in here.

• Quit twisting the facts

I laughed when I read the comments from the person who called in "Anti-Mexican newspaper?" It's ironic that the paper was called "anti-Mexican" by someone who got his comments published in this so-called "anti-Mexican" newspaper.

Here are my thoughts. First, the Courier is a newspaper and publishes comments made by readers. So don't shoot the messenger. The Courier lets me hear what other people are thinking.

Just because Jeff (Benziger) feels this country would be better off if we all were able to communicate in one language does not make him a racist. I'm sure Jeff is not a racist. Read the definition of a racist, which is someone who feels that his race is superior to others. I see nothing wrong with expecting any immigant - whether Chinese or Japanese or British - to embrace the country and fly its flag. Once you become a citizen of the U.S., you are an American, not a Japanese-American or Mexican-American. We all came from different backgrounds and take on the new identity of Americans. It's simple. It's a snub when I see the Mexican flag flown here.

And when Jeff said something about Latino gangs, it's true. Open your eyes people. He truthfully pointed out that it's mostly gangs from the Latino community terrorizing our neighborhoods. And that the solution needed to come from their community. Why is that offensive? I'm sure if Chinese gangs were shooting people and stealing stuff that it's okay to tell their community to crack down on their own youth. So what's wrong with the asking the Latino community to take care of its own? Why is that racist?

I appreciate that Jeff was the first to speak out against this far-flung board decision to break tradition and policy and go with the name of Cesar Chavez. Sounds to me like Teresa Guerrero has no respect for either. Going the wide circle around the policy to pick someone like Chavez - who was not connected to Ceres - sounds like reverse racism to me. They only wanted a Latino name. Thankfully both Mrs. Guerrero and Mr. Romo are up for election this year.

• City needs to market better

After three attemps to obtain classes through the city of Ceres Parks, Recreation & Facilities, twice for Notary classes and the last Introduction to Microsoft Word with the same results that there were not enough resgistered to hold the classes it seems that something is wrong in Ceres with how the classes for all who are interested is promoted.

I am told that I was the only one registered for a class that should be in demand for those of us who are eager to increase our knowledge for the ever increasing uses of the computer. Based on how I learned of the class - which I believe was one ad in the local paper - my question is in order to put the information out to potentially interested parties. Will one ad get much of a response? As a senior who still works and relies on advertising to promote his business, perhaps the powers that be should learn some marketing techniques or hire someone who knows how to promote the many classes that are available for those who want to improve their lifestyle.

• Questions for City Hall

Mr. Kilger, the city has many other options to save money. Why does the city need Riverbluff Regional Park? How much money would the sale of the land bring in? Would that pay for animal control?

Do we need the Legion Hall now that the city has the Community Center?

Why did we open the Community Center in these times? With the staff being laid off, why did the city need to cover the expense of opening it? Isn't the electric bill for it over $1,000 a month?

Are there employees who work for the city who only supervise one or two persons?

Why do we need to hire a pool manager and lifeguards? Shouldn't this expense be left to the school district?

These are a short list of examples of mismanagement of city funds. There are still other options.

I think I am one city employee who could possibly be eligible for this early retirement offer you have mentioned. This is the first I have heard of this. What else do you have planned for your employees?

I, for one, will not be attending any employee appreciation lunches; the last CSO who attended this function was given a set of luggage then given his layoff notice the same day.

Since I'm getting this news from newspaper articles and not from my employer, the city of Ceres, can you tell me if the city planning on getting rid of the half-cent sale tax since the police and fire departments are considering not filling vacant positions and or layoffs? Measure H says the city cannot supplant positions and staffing levels must be maintained.

Before I open my wallet for contract considerations, I would want to see proper management of the city prior to this. I have yet to see accountabilty when someone makes poor decisions and it costs the city money or makes a poor decision. I have worked for this city for over 26 years, the only excuse I hear for prior bad decisions is I "that was a different administration." Now is time for your administration to make the proper decisions, I hope you make the right ones.

• Janitor is a role model

I'm calling about the recent School Board decision to name the new junior high after Cesar Chavez. I'm a supporter of Wayne Salter, would love to see a school named after him being a loyal dedicated member of the community for so many years.

Wanting a school named after someone of Latino descent is fine but I'd like to suggest they find a Latino who is deserving of it from the Ceres community, not someone outside. I'd like to suggest the custodian - I know this is going to sound like a joke but it's not a joke - at Sinclear Elementary who was honored. He was honored at Thursday night's School Board meeting. He always has a smile on his face, tremendous work ethic, willing to go the extra mile to help. He's a tremendous role model for kids at school for being an overall good human being. A guy like Aceilio makes the world a better place. My children attend Sinclear Elementary and he is just a breath of fresh air.