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Sound Off! calls published on July 23, 2008
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• Concerts were great!

Thank you so much to the VFW Ladies Auxiliary for their great food and hospitality at the Concerts in the Park these last several weeks. They are a great group of people doing a wonderful service for the community.

The music has been so pleasant and a great place to spend the evening. Thank you to the city of Ceres for sponsoring the free entertainment. Our family has enjoyed attending the concerts series for many years and we really appreciate the city supporting it. Thanks to everyone involved, I look forward to this again next summer!

• Who is being racist against whites?

I want to respond to this disrespectful person who called in "Aliens taking away "white' jobs." The caller claims that white people are too lazy to take certain jobs. I am white. The caller is labeling an entire class of people, which is racism. The previous caller was addressing illegal aliens, not the Mexican people as a whole. Why do you equate the two?

And for your information, sir, were the white people too lazy to fight off the British and establish a country so you could pop your mouth off? Were the white people too lazy when they conquered the west? Or pick fruit in the fields during the Great Depression?

Don't say all white people are lazy. I worked the fields and worked on chicken ranches.

• Fly only the American flag

This is about "Assimilate or leave." I totally agree. The immigrants need to assimilate or leave! This is America! This is the best country in the world. And the businesses who are flying the Mexican flag along with the American flag need to either go back to Mexico or take their flags down because this is not Mexico. The American flag should be the only one that is flying in our country. Like this person said, if Mexico was so good, then why did they leave it? And if they had to leave it, why do they want to still fly their colors? Were their colors that good? Did they really take the time to see if Mexico was going to do anything for them? I think they found out the answer to that and that's why they're hear in America. So why aren't they flying just the American colors?

• She's white and can't get a job

There is something in your paper about white people being lazy; that they don't want to work. Well, I went to put in an application recently at our of our local burger joints and I didn't even get a call back on my application but yet someone was there that couldn't even speak English and was getting an interview. Does that sound right to you here in America? Would that happen in Mexico? I don't think so.

• Sound of poverty spoken here

I want to add my two cents about this language thing. Obama obviously thinks all of us English speakers need to cater to immigrants by learning Spanish. Obama is a full-fledged moron who is out of sync with 81 percent of the American people. Theodore Roosevelt told the Kansas City Star in an interview in 1918 that "Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or to leave the country." How far we have come. Now we have this bozo embarrassed that Americans can't speak other languages when they visit France. That doesn't surprise me as his wife said she never was proud of America until her hubby had clinched the nomination. Doesn't he know that the successful countries of the world speak English? When I hear Spanish being spoken here in Ceres, I think, "the sound of poverty." They won't get ahead speaking Spanish. It's a shackle on immigrants.

Wake up Senator Obama. And they say you are smart!

• Defending Mexican flag flyer

About this car dealer flying the American flag and the Mexican flag. There's nothing wrong with that. All their expression is that they are Mexicans but they do live here in this country. Whether they're legal or illegal, you should be happy that they're flying both flags.

I do disagree when they only fly one flag - their Mexican flag. Let them fly their flag. It's a business. They're trying to attract all kinds of business.

• Disregard for cell phone law

Regarding the new law for cell phones while driving. Surprisingly it seems like nobody in "Sound Off!" is talking about that. Wake up, people! We voted for it and yet I don't see any police officers like reporting to the news or anyone that I know of that we got so many ticketed for doing that. Today in Ceres and Modesto I spotted five people on the phone. Is that sad or what? That means they have no respect for the new law. Officers get out there and show them who's in charge. That's what we pay you for. That's why we passed this law.

(Editor's note: The people of California did NOT vote this law in. The state Legislature did).

• Land of milk and honey

In regards to the Mexican flags being flown in the United States, I agree 100 percent with the person who wrote that. This is America. You should be flying the American flag, not the Mexican flag. If you're so proud of Mexico, go back to Mexico. Cince de Mayo you see the flags hanging off their cars but on the Fourth of July, our Independence Day, you don't see American flags hanging off their cars. They're in America. This is the land of milk and honey. They ought to be proud to be Americans.