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Sound Off! calls published on July 30, 2008
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• Lazy people in all races

Regarding the July 16 "Sound Off!" on "Aliens taking away white jobs." You know the comment at the bottom there, "We're doing all the work that you lazy white folks don't want to do." Obviously this guy's a racist Mexican. You're the one who's wrong, buddy. There's laziness in every race. Those Mexicans jumping over the border running in her popping babies over the line so they can get all the benefits ... those are the lazy ones.

The government is to blame, not you. They gave you everything. It's outrageous and out of control. And any country that lets its borders and culture collapse - check history - will crash. That's where this country is going: right down the toilet.

• Gangs before birds, please

Doesn't the City Council have anything better to do then pick on people who like birds? Who does the mayor think they are? Country bumpkins?

He lives in the city and does city things. What is that suppose to mean anyway? I would rather hear birds coo then barking dogs. You go into your backyard to sit and the dogs next door tries to eat the fence to get to you; they bark day and night. You tell your neighbor but they don't speak English. You tell the police; there's nothing they can do. So get with the program. Clean this city of gangs and all the other garbage or get out of town yourselves.

• Why is Suisan City involved?

I have a question. Why is the city of Ceres now having the payment for the utility bill sent to Suisun City?

Editor's note: According to Sarah Ragsdale, the city's Administrative Services Director, utility payments are now sent directly to the city's bank's processing center in Suisun City. The bank processes the payments daily and deposits them into our account. Information on the payments is transmitted to the city's utility department and posted to customer accounts. This service speeds up the processing of payments and allows customer service representatives to spend more time on other billing activities. Customers may still make their payments in person at 2720 Second Street or use the drop off box at Second and Magnolia.)

• Doesn't believe USA is the best

This is in consideration of the comment of "Assimilate or leave" (July 16). I'm not thrilled about seeing the Mexican flag flying all over but we must remember that this was part of Mexico along with Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Texas and it was lost by Mexico to the United States in the War of 1848. As to the United States being the best country in the world, well, there's a lot of change that needs to be made before we can make that claim.

• Welcome back, Pastor Rob

Welcome back Pastor Rob. You had an awesome message. You did an awesome job back. We are so glad to have you back. You have every reason in this world to be bitter and you let God take care of it with class. While other churches put people down, you did everything with class. Very, very proud to call you my pastor.

• Trucker wife defends truckers

Sorry to keep riding a dead horse but the truck parking issue needs a little rebuttal to the author of "Welfare for truck drivers?" He or she needs to think before they speak. All truck drivers do not own the business they work for and 50 or 60 years ago when some of these businesses started, parking was not a problem. As for it being a "welfare" to provide parking, truckers don't get welfare; they work hard to help pay for those who do draw welfare.

As for the danger caused by truckers, read the paper and see the times children have darted into the street between parked cars and have been injured or killed. Shall we ban parking for cars?

As to taggers, they jump out of cars or walk down the street and tag trucks as well as building.

Then there's the noise issue. Do you have teenagers or adults who are into cars? Have you ever listened to them revving up their car engines or listen to a car with hot mufflers? Again, we will have to do away with cars, too.

Most trucks have to idle their engines to build up air before driving and again before shutting it off. I know this because my son leaves on his delivery route at 4 a.m. but one of the neighbors have ever complained. It isn't that loud and doesn't last long.

Also, aren't we discriminating against trucks if we have one law for them and another for other vehicles?

• Absurd claims of caller

I'm calling in regards to the "Sound Off!" about the elderly and reckless that need to get off the road. I am very shocked by the statement that people going down the freeway going 35 mph and you look and it's an illegal aliens. Does it plainly show that they're an illegal alien or do they look vaguely Hispanic? I think it's kind of absurd to assume that just because they're Hispanic they're automatically an illegal alien.

Also, of course they wouldn't have a license. Illegal aliens aren't allow to have a drivers' license. Geesh! Before you make such crazy absurd statements like that, at least try to sound less ignorant.

• Bilingual requirement is bogus

I'm calling to agree wholeheartedly about the whole bilingual worker requirement. This is America and we are taught English in school. Spanish is an option. I do not think it's fair that in order to get a job you have to pretty much be from Mexico. It isn't right. I am a medical assistant and it's very hard right now. I speak perfect English but I think it is unfair that people who will be getting jobs might have less job experiences but because they speak Spanish they automatically get a job? It's just not fair and it's not right. This is America. I should be able to find a job just as easily as someone who is bilingual.