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Sound Off! calls published on May 6, 2009
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• Enforce water laws

Watering rules and regulations should be enforced for everyone and they should really start enforcing it for apartments and businesses because apparently at least two times out of the three water days somebody should be there and the apartments should not be excused. Like the Vineyard Apartments at 1625 Richland, they let the water run all day long up until 7 or 8 o'clock at night and all it does is run down the gutter and down around their storm drain. Plus the carpet cleaners are dumping their dirty water from cleaning up the apartments.

• What about serving dinner?

I have a question I'd like to propose to the restaurant owners in Ceres. And that is do they think that people who live in Ceres do not eat dinner? I would love to try a couple of the new restaurants that have opened but they only serve breakfast and lunch and me being at work it's not possible for me to get there.

• Store needs to limit crowd

I'm glad somebody else had problems with the 99 Cents Only store but it's not just Thursdays, it's Tuesdays as well. And it's always the same people crowded around there. I've complained to the store and they just laugh and say, first come, first served. So I guess nothing can be done except nobody shops there except for the same 20 people and then maybe they'll wake up and realized there's far more people in Ceres than those 20.

• Thanks for fighting graffiti

I want to extend a big thank-you to a neighbor who took the time out on her way to work to call the city of Ceres regarding some graffiti on my garage door. I would also like to thank the city of Ceres for sending out Troy to paint the door at no cost to me. To the person or persons who are responsible and have nothing better to do with their time, grow up, get an education and do something productive. In other words, get a life!

• Speeding on Lawrence Street

In regards to the speeding activity on Lawrence in front of the school district office and Argus High School, what do we have to do to get speed bumps to stop these people speeding. Does a child have to get killed on the street to have speed bumps put down? What is the city doing on their issue? What is law enforcement doing on this issue? I see no action taking place. Somebody should be done immediately.

• Won't take the abuse

I was just out spraying off my house and my eves and my neighbor comes out and tell me that I'm getting water in her yard. She calls me a "b----," three times. I called the Police Department out and you know what they tell me? That I should just take that abuse with a grain of salt no matter what she says to me. And that I act like I'm 16 years old because I don't want to take that abuse. So where does that take us? Are we supposed to go in our backyards and be good citizens and take care of our property like we're supposed and be verbally attacked in that fashion and the Police Department not do anything about it? That I don't understand. I don't deserve that verbal abuse.

• Slight of hand at City Hall

Do I have this right? Mr. Lemcke has been marketing the new Community Center as the crowned jewel of downtown but the center requires funds that the city of Ceres doesn't have? So in order to balance the city's budget, our city fathers with a slight of hand have sold the Whitmore House that the city already owns to a separate entity within Ceres for $374,000. This is like a twisted version of Robin Hood. In this case, Robin steals from the poor instead of the rich and gives it to the poorly managed.

• Wasteful RDA deal

Regarding the Courier article, "Historic home sold in creative deal," the city manager selling the Daniel Whitmore Home to another Ceres entity may be legal but selling it for $374,000 is wasteful, not creative. They should have sold the house to Ceres Redevelopment Agency for $1 so that the $374,000 still would be in the redevelopment agency. That's our tax revenue. That's our money. It's supposed to be used to eliminate blight, graffiti and help refurbish older areas. In my family, we see you and the mayor as two individuals who talk a good game but are not really looking at our town from ground level.