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Sound Off! calls published on Nov. 25, 2009
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• Cannella is business friendly

The California Chamber of Commerce ranks our representatives in Sacramento according to their votes on business-related legislation such as economic development, employment law, environmental regulation, health care, and taxation. Senator Jeff Denham was rated 100 percent while our District 28 Assembly representative, Anna Caballero, was rated 38 percent.

Jeff Denham is termed-out of the Senate next year. Anna Caballero wants to replace him. We believe Anthony Cannella, mayor of Ceres, would be better for our district. We do not need another business-unfriendly legislator in Sacramento.

If business cannot make a profit, there are no jobs or taxes. If there are no taxes, there would be no government. Caballero does not seem to realize that fact.

• Rep. Cardoza a Pelosi lap dog

Now that Dennis Cardoza has voted for Nancy Pelosi's healthcare reform bill, he can officially call himself her lap dog. Wooff wooff!

• Neighbor has no problem with wall

This is to Jeff Benziger about the article, "tear down the wall" on Blaker Road. Councilmen Chris Vierra and Ken Lane stated in the Ceres Courier that the wall was a safety issue to the people backing out of their driveway just south of Kevin Oxford's property on Blaker Road. That is not true. I live just south of him and in a letter that I wrote to the city I said in no way shape or form was it in my way of seeing approaching vehicles or pedestrians. I even told the gentleman from the city who came out one day ... that I can see all the way down to the stop sign at Blaker and Kinser Road. And I invited him to come into our driveway and look for himself. He did that and he also looked at the stop sign at Cancimilla and Blaker Road. He agreed with me that there was no safety issue, that you can see from both places.

I asked him who called to complain about it and he said it was a neighbor. But obviously I'm the only neighbor from which it would be a safety issue.

I would think the city has better things to do than to be wasting time, money and resources on something as silly as this. The property looks beautiful compared to what it used to look like.

To the neighbor who complained about this I think they need to get a life, be happy and support your neighbors in this tough times for all.

• Great job, Rite Aid pharmacists

I would like to commend our local Rite Aid drug store for their customer service. My husband was ill and they made sure that he had ample supply of the needs. I just want to commend them as our local drug store.

• Prove it to the voters, Dennis Cardoza

I read today where our Congressman Cardoza said 70 percent of the people agree with the health care he voted for. I would challenge him to produce that number for us all to see.

• Coaches dissed the other team

On Thursday, Nov. 12 the Ceres High and Central Valley High freshmen football teams met for a pride matchup for town supremacy. The game was hard fought and unfortunately I was rooting for the Hawks who lost that night. I was proud of both teams' hard play and work ethic in trying to win the crosstown match up; after the game was tied at the half the Bulldogs outplayed the Hawks the entire second half and I congratulate the Dogs players, you played really well.

However, I'd like to pull a lesson for the coaches on the Bulldogs' side from this game. The Bulldogs recovered a fumble for a touchdown with only one minute left in the game to give their team a two-touchdown lead - an insurmountable lead the way the Hawks had played in the second half. Then, for some reason, when a lesson in teaching your players respect came up the Bulldog coaches failed miserably. With a two touchdown lead and a minute to go the coaches for the Dogs had their kickoff unit kick an onside kick which they recovered in the Hawks' faces, adding insult to injury. Fortunately the first play after that the Bulldogs fumbled away their chance to rub it in further, and with the complete lack of respect being taught from the Ceres High freshman coaches I am not .... proud to say I graduated from Ceres High school. Shame on the coaches for failing to teach your children to respect their opponents. I only hope you can read this and remember it for the next time. I'm sure you were on the losing end of some tough games this year and you should have remembered how you felt in that situation.

Good game, Hawks and Bulldogs, you both played really hard and I was proud to watch both teams play to the sitting room only crowd of approximately 100.

- Nate Rhoads ,Ceres.