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Sound Off! calls published on Sept. 30, 2009
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• Appreciates band leader

I just wanted to say I appreciate the new band leader for the Ceres High football team. He is very entertaining and really helps motivate the team spirit.

Keep up the work! It can be a tough crowd.

• Blames it all on Bush

I'm calling about the call for President Bush. I really think President Bush was not a good president and because of him and the government and the Legislative everything that we have right now going on is because of Bush. I think whoever wrote this is selfish. They probably don't understand or ever grew up in a world where they didn't have much. As for me I grew up not knowing where I was going to live, what school I was going to go to, you know. I think this is very sad. People still want hand-outs? That's not the way it is. It's the economy and everything is so wrong right now. Nobody can afford to do anything for themselves because of George Bush and everything he did. I think that this is a very rude article and I take it offensively. It's not that easy for people these days.

• Meters not such a good idea

I'm calling in regards to the meters. I really think that it's not a great idea either because it is a lot of money to spend. It's really unfair to all of Ceres residents. We work hard to live here and survive in the economy and here Ceres is ripping us off. These meters are not a good idea at all.

(Editor's note: The California State Legislature has mandated that water providers in the state equip all customers' homes with meters and begin reading those meters. The legislation was crafted to curb water consumption in the state since metering has been proven to get people to use less water. Lawmakers have mandated the action but not paid for it. Thus, all rate payers will be bearing the brunt of their decision).

• A businessman with a heart

Just wanted to bring attention to a nice man in our community: Pedro of Ceres TV. I took my old TV in to be repaired. It had closed captioning on it and I am hard of hearing, and if I don't have the words at the bottom of the screen, I miss half the movie.

Pedro explained to me that the TV wasn't worth fixing, it would cost $50 just to fix one thing. I tried to turn my head at the disappointment, the tears in my eyes just started to flow, I tried wiping them away. You see, not only did this TV help my hearing problem, it was a gift from my husband who died from skin cancer three years ago. It had sentimental value as well.

Pedro was so kind. He took my number and said he would call when he got one in like that. Sure enough, he called and I bought a nicer, bigger TV, and he gave me a good price and I am so happy with it. Not only do I have the words, I can see it better. It touched my heart, in these times of rudeness, someone could be so nice and kind to someone else in our community.

• Proud of Ceres JV team

I'd like to say congrats to the Ceres JV squad on their win. It takes an entire team to win a game, not just a couple of individuals. I'm not trying to take anything away from these individuals but please give credit where credit is due. Your offensive and defense lines work even harder to make sure the quarterback, running back, etc., are well protected and look good. Way to go for the boys who are on the line! We're proud of you!