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Sound Off calls published Sept. 15, 2010
• Ditto on remove your sale signs

This call is in regards to "Caller on signs needs to get a life." Well, buddy, I guess I need to get a life, too, because I'm one of those people who can't stand seeing the blight caused by everybody leaving up their signs. As for the other guy going out (picking up trash) and doing this once or twice or three times a week, here's an idea: People be responsible for themselves! They remove their sign! If they remove their own signs we wouldn't need laws. If people obeyed the speed limits and drove at a reasonable speed, we wouldn't need speed laws. We don't need more laws, the editor is right. We need people to be responsible for themselves. We know who you depend on.

• Right lane by CHS must turn right

I can't believe how many ignorant people live in Ceres. When approaching the corner of Central and Whitmore westbound there's an arrow designating right hand turn only in the lane closest to the curb. But yet continually people speed past the other law-abiding citizens waiting in line to get through the light. Maybe they should put down one of those spike strips that pokes your tires when you're not supposed to enter somewhere or cause tire damage if you back up over them. Turn like you're supposed to.

• They serve the perfect amount of yogurt

I'm calling about the new yogurt shop called Supermom's. Whoever said it was bad and the yogurt too skimpy is totally wrong. I've been a few times. My family and I all got super kid sizes and it was only $1.75 and it was the perfect amount. So you do get what you pay for.

• It was Maye's Cafe, not Dave's Cafe

I was calling on your Ceres History lesson. You have down Dave's Cafe. Well, it's not Dave's Cafe, it was Maye's Cafe. Take a magnifying glass and look at the sign and you'll see it was Maye's. We used to eat there when we were in school.

• Applauds actions of Lorraine Nilson

It's too bad the Ceres School District administration and Board seem to feel so smug in their dealings with their employees. Ms. Nilson may have accessed said info during work time but then I see administrators doing personal business quite often. Plus no personal info was released. Only that which is public information. Ceres administrators want to act like they hold themselves to the strictess "work ethics."

Wake up Ceres! Tell me why an administartor needs to use a district credit card for lunch every single day. Even to stop at Starbucks for their morning coffee. I could see if they were entertaining an out-of-town guest for lunch. But almost every day Hanline went to lunch on your dime. And he would drag another person from admin so as not to have to eat alone. How many times have we heard him say to the public how the "whole" district was going to take a pay cut, while he back doored himself a pay raise to offset his share. How do you like those property taxes we were told were for new schools and "the kids."

I applaud Ms. Nilson for exposing administration ethics that were deceiving and possibly illegal. And shame on a School Board that has no back bone to defend the employee.

• Common sense would go a long way

In an incident on Saturday, Sept. 11, one of Ceres "finest" was responding to a call to assist other officers in the pursuit of a felony subject.

I'd be the first to tell you that is a noble thing to do. I want police officers to be ready to respond to a call for assistance as much as I want them to be available when I need them.

However, in addition to responding to calls for assistance, these officers need to be observant of where they are when they attempt to pass motorists who are stopped. Everyone is going to say the motorist who attempted to turn onto Caswell from Moffett "should have" heeded the lights and sirens of the police car. I believe the officer should have been aware of the upcoming intersection, realized why the cars were stopped (since they were not pulled over to the curb!) and not have been in such an all-fired hurry to pass cars in that residential area without due caution.

As a result of his decision, one of our patrol cars is out of commission until repaired and the homeowner has to face the daunting task of getting the city to pay for the repairs on her home. And this is not even considering what would have happened had that car been a little further into his/her left turn!

A little common sense would go a long way in such situations.

• Why only show Latino biz violations?

It's interesting to see that the pictures published in this article pertaining to sign violations are portraying Latino businesses (owners). Why weren't Caucasian businesses owners vilations published? I have seen many, especially in the downtown area. What's this about?

As to the garage sale signs, I am in total agreement because I think that people should be held accountable for their actions; clean up after yourself.

As to sign's ridiculous. Distraction is very doesn't distract me. Are you going to go around citing people that may distract drivers by other means?