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Sound Off! calls published Sept. 17, 2008
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• Gay mafia controls state

Could you please write an article about how we waste our votes, our time and our gas on voting when the judicial system simply says or opinions are unconstitutional? I cannot believe the judicial system lets us vote on something if it's unconstitutional. Now it's Proposition 8 gay marriage. The pink hand (AKA gay mafia) controls our government. Do you really think they will let this make it into the state Constitution?

We need to split this state into two parts: Hollywood and Bay area; and all the rest. Think about it.

• History repeats itself

I am under 45 years old, I love the outdoors, I hunt, I am a Republican reformer, I have taken on the Republican Party establishment, I have many children, I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor's office. Have you ever heard of me before now?

I am Teddy Roosevelt.

• Who is the extreme politician?

Well, well, well. The illustrious junior senator from California, Mrs. Boxer, said that Sarah Palin was an extremist. Well, let us see about that. Is this the same Sarah Palin who defeated the incumbent mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and then was re-elected four years later? Is this the same Sarah Palin who lost the nomination in 2002 to become lieutenant governor? Is this the same Sarah Palin who has a four month old son who has Down's Syndrome? Is this the same Sarah Palin who defeated incumbent Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski in 2006? Is this the same Sarah Palin who defeated former Gov. Knowles in 2006? Is this the same Sarah Palin who got Alaska's Republican attorney general to resign because of wrongdoing? Is this the same Sarah Palin who finally said no to the Bridge to Nowhere? Is this the same Sarah Palin who took on various corrupt politicians in Alaska and won? Of course this is Sarah Palin. And, by the way, Boxer, Palin is not an extremist; she is a reformer. She is a maverick.

Now let me ask this: Is Sen. Barbara Boxer the same Senator Barbara Boxer who bounced various checks in the early 1990s when she was still a congresswoman. The answer to that question is definitely yes.

• Great hometown paper!

I just want to say what a great paper the Ceres Courier is. It may be small town, but we put out a big and informative paper. I came from Mountain View (small town in the Bay area) and their paper is worthless. If you're not rich, you're not in it. My mom, who is from Mountain View, looks forward to reading out paper when she comes out. So good job guys!

• Won't support Measure U

I am calling about that Measure U school bond. Let me get this right. A few years ago our school bond failed because it needed a two-thirds majority to pass. So they changed the law to 55 percent to pass and in 2001 Measure J passed. Then our district became the only one in California to open five new schools in a year. The very next year four classrooms were added to those new schools. You're paying for that bond. Even the renters, you know, because property owners raise rent when the bonds are raised. The district wants us to pass a bond that is double the amount of the first one, so they can add yet another new building to each and every school in the district. Is now really the time to try and stab us with a 30-year tax? My kids went through the old Ceres schools and all went on to work their way through college. They are productive members of society.

Now I am on a fixed income, as many property owners are, and I, for one, simply cannot afford to have my rent go up. No on Measure U. It sticks in my pocketbook.

• You forgot Foster's Freeze, Jeff?

Hi Jeff. I just wanted to remind you that we have a really nice place in Ceres to get an ice cream cone and it was only three blocks from where you were with the Braem family. And it's the Foster Freeze and it's been there ever since I was a child in the 50s. It's too bad the only thing you could think of to suggest to those people was McDonald's.

• Yard salers making Ceres trashy

I would like to comment on our city is about all the yard sale signs that are allowed to remain up and all the tap on the light posts and stop signs. It's so incredibly ridiculous. All of our city, especially in the Westpointe area, the tape is so think, different colors, I mean it just looks very tasteless. It looks very trashy and it embarrasses me that our city looks this way. I don't know why our city allows it and I was under the impression that you are only allowed to have one or maybe two yard sales a year when there's families that have them monthly or a couple of times a month in the warmer months.

I believe the city needs to do something it; that people need to be fined if they don't clean it up.

• Rich boy's attitude?

Oh Jeffy boy, the only comment that we have to say about your so called column ("Rent control was never the answer," published Aug. 27) ... is that it was written by a spoiled little rich kid talking like Reagan who hated the poor and stated so in a public speech in 1973 in L.A. Let me tell you something, brother rich kid, you know what you need? You need to be bent over someone's knee, have your pants pulled down and have a good old fashioned spanking, little boy. That will straighten you out, good old Jeffy boy. In the meantime, take the Ceres Courier and stuff it where the sun don't shine.

(Editor's note: We rarely publish comments from this particular caller, who has called ad naseum for years, rambling on for minutes on end. But we decided to make an exception in this case for the fun of it. And, no, caller, anyone who works for a community newspaper does not make a wage that could be considered lucrative. Thanks for the laugh!

• Oprah's slap at women

It seems Oprah refuses to have Palin on her show. I was always under the impression that Oprah was all about women. At least that's what she has always said. The women of this country is who has lined her pockets with billions of dollars. And now the first woman running for Republican vice president, she (Oprah) refuses to have her on the show. Wow, that's certainly a slap in the face to women of America.

• Poking jabs at the Democrats

I live at Ceres Christian Terrace. I'm Republican among many Democrats. I have a couple of comments concerning Senator Edwards, I had a friend who said it's too bad the Democrats can't find a man who keeps his zipper up. It also gives you some insight into why they are so pro-abortion, does it?

I heard a story today. Sen. Obama was out touring a city and he came upon a little girl with a box of kitties. He said, "What kind of kitties are those?" She said, "They're Democrat kitties." He said, "Democrat kitties?" She said, "Yes." He called his workers and asked them to bring the press and meet him there the next morning at 10 o'clock. He went back and everyone met his friend and he asked the little girl, "What kind of kitties are those?" and she answered, "They're Republican kitties!" He said, "But didn't you tell me yesterday they were Democrats?" She said, "Yes, but now they have their eyes open."

• Bible opposed to gay anything

To the person in Sept. 10 "Sound Off!" supporting gay marriages, you don't know much about the Bible or you would have been able to find Scripture that says a man shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (Leviticus 18:22) Also read (Leviticus 20:13). And woman also should not lie with a woman.

In my book it also mean that they should not marry. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. They should not be allowed to desecrate the sanctity of marriage. And it is a moral issue. They still have there usual rights, and they can still spend the rest of their life with the one they love. God said NO to homosexuality; it is not in His plan for His people.

So I'm asking all who will to vote Yes on Proposition 8. Let's keep marriage for a man and a woman, not man to man or woman to woman.

• Not all parolees are bad people

I'm calling in regards to Art deWerk's "Parolees are a problem." I can't believe that everyone who is on parole is a problem. I have someone I love with all my heart who is on parole. He became a parolee because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes things happen that we cannot change regardless of money or who we are. There are people with perfect records who are a problem. I just think people shouldn't judge a person until they actually know them.

(Editor's note: For the sake of accuracy, Chief deWerk never said all parolees were a problem for law enforcement. He said few - not all - are rarely rehabilitated. Apparently the comment does not apply to your situation).