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Sound Off calls published Sept. 22, 2010
• School confiscating ribbons

I just want to let the public know that Ceres High School is just now confiscating breast cancer awareness shirts, bracelets, anything to do with the pink ribbons from the students and I think that's wrong.

Nobody confiscated any Mexican flag whenever it was Cinco de Mayo. No one confiscated the American flag. This is wrong and our students are being taught wrong. I think all of us should get together and figure this one out.

• Why are health professionals obese at all?

Just wanted to comment about paramedics and nurses. I have noticed that a fair number of them around here are rather portly. Doctors too. Seems like maybe they, of all people, should know that obesity is not good for a person's health. I think they set a terrible example. I know losing weight is hard but they got that way from either not exercising or not being disciplined with their food. With medical costs and health care costs being a big deal today, obesity is a huge problem, no pun intended. It would be nice if the health professionals actually practiced what they preach.

Just a thought.

• Disagrees with Dennis Wyatt's premise

(Regarding Dennis Wyatt's column), I don't think a school dress code teaches our young people anything of real importance. It all started because parents stopped telling their children how to dress appropriately in a social setting.

Dress codes started because the thugs of society started wearing colors and their pants closer to the ground than the waist. No one wants to see their butts, but gangs are sending a message to society when they "shove" their butts in our face.

To blame MTV or Jersey Shore programs is ridiculous. I believe that inside most students, regardless of their outside appearance, there's an individual who still has hope and a person who offers promise for something good.

I know some will say dress codes are good because then our kids don't need to keep up with the Jones. But I say, they are missing the point. Society should put its efforts on developing the minds of our young people to see the difference between appropriate dress and inappropriate dress, between appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior.

In essence, families need to spend more time together, eating meals together, and discussing what's important. When parents do not spend time with their children, they can't do an effective job of communicating family values, such as learning to appreciate the qualities of a person that is on the inside, not what they wear or what they drive.

School dress codes can send the wrong message as well because it attempts to control the symptoms and not the problem. Dress codes will remain in our society because parents are not proactive in teaching their kids how to behave, and rely on the police to protect us from gangs and bullies.

As for the girl who wore short shorts to an interview, and expected the school board to allow her to wear them at school - she has guts.

• Clueless in putting up garage sale signs

After all the Courier printed on garage sale signs being left up, I can see how people just are still clueless.