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Sound Off! calls published Sept. 23, 2011
• We're broke but buy breakfasts?

Hey Jeff I was calling about the "Beleagered taxpayers buying all kids breakfast?" Once again the state of California feels they need to take care of all these kids for their parents who can't take care of their own. It'll never end here. The state's broke. The country's broke. Yet we're buying food for these kids. Kids got to eat, I understand that but it's time the parents stand up and take care of their own kids. I feed my own kids every morning, I make their lunches and I do it on my own. Parents need to step up. People aren't doing that bad around here and now all of a sudden 80 percent of the kids are on a food program with the schools. One more reason for us to get out of the state.

• Ceres full of drivers as bad as Modesto

I live on Whitmore Avenue in Ceres and am very courteous when pulling out of my driveway to make sure there's no cars coming. And as I'm pulling out another car pulls into the lane that I'm halfway into and starts honking at me for pulling out. They weren't there when I started to pull out. What is going on with these people? Ceres used to have such courteous drivers and now it's getting to be as bad as Modesto.

• Walmart store is disappointing

I'm calling in a comment about the Walmart. Walmart wants us to support them in a Supercenter but they can't even take care of the store they have now so how are we going to support them? The store is filthy, you can't find an employee to help you and if you do half the time they don't want to help you or misdirect you. They need to stop and listen to the customers. We are not happy with the way they are running this one so we don't see how they could do a good job with the Supercenter?

• Sierra View Apartments breeding crime

I'm calling about Sierra View Apartments. In the last few months we've had two drive-by shootings across the street and legally our apartments at Sierra View have been a resting place for gang members and drug sales. It would be nice if the law enforcement could talk to the new owners or property management because it's becoming a kind of slum apartments. I just want to get that off my chest.

• Unreasonable opposition

I see Sherri Jacobson bought a half-page ad in the Modesto Bee Sunday in the form of a letter to Ken Lane, thanking him for his no vote on Walmart (on Aug. 22 but did vote yes on Sept. 12). You have given her lots of free coverage. Did she offer to buy space from the Ceres Courier.

This whole opposition to Walmart and the unreasonable demands concerning the present store are ridiculous but consider the source.

• Thank you, Ceres City Council

I am one Ceres resident who wants to offer my profound thanks for the City Council finally approving the Walmart Supercenter. After a number of many long hearings which I and others sat through, we finally have a project.

I will appreciate having more shopping opportunities in Ceres without leaving town. But I really appreciate the fact that Ceres stood by its general plan and permitted a project which other cities might have rejected because of political and labor pressures.

I am proud of the council's decision.

• Lots of negatives to the area

What a s---hole. I live in "no man's land," Modesto address but Ceres services. Could any other town attract the nastiest looking, skanky, low-life people? Why is this? This town sucks so bad that no major sit-down chain restaurant will even consider setting up shop but we will get a new Supercenter. Big deal. There's already a wally world that could easily be expanded, but no, it will take the only property that could possibly attract anything other than a "dollar" store type business.

It's such a s---hole that the only real supermarket in town, Raleys, has fled the scene. Word on the street is that if the Supercenter does open, Richland and Savemart stores will go away and the only place you will be able to grocery shop will be wally world. Forty thousand plus people and we can't support a real grocery store?

And the pan handlers, please. The town is enough of an eyesore already.

The people are rude. It's hard to find a kid under 30 who doesn't either flaunt that they are gang bangers or wannabes.

Spanish is the official language of the city. That was apparent when i walked into the BofA and I was greeted in Spanish.