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Sound Off! calls published Sept. 3, 2008
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• Thanks to the city!

I live on the corner of Moonview and Lunar. I wanted to call and thank the city for replacing the drains on all the corners. And the contractor Arnold Brink and city workers did an excellent job. Hopefully our other section won't flood out every time it rains this winter.

• Supporting Measure U

I'm calling about (Measure U). I kind of like this. I approve that all the way about helping out Don Pedro School. That school is so old it's deteriorating. It's a shame that the kids have to deal with that kind of stuff. But I think it's a great idea.

• Reservations about Ceres now

I am calling about something that happened today in Ceres. I just came here last night from Oklahoma moving back to California. We stopped in at the Ceres restaurant called Alfonso's where we used to eat dinner about eight, nine years ago. We were all born in Modesto. While we was in the restaurant having dinner, someone cut the cargo net off the back of my pickup and stole three car radiators that I brought all the way from Oklahoma to help restore my old truck. The police were there, promptly somewhat, but I grew up in this area and this is really not a good place to live anymore I guess. This happened four blocks from the Police Department, broad daylight, with my truck sitting out in front of the restaurant in plain view but nobody seen nothing.

The people of Ceres have got their blinders on as far as I'm concerned, don't care what goes on, don't want to get involved in what goes on. And to the sorry pieces of white trash who took my stuff, your day will come.

• Where are those jobs anyway?

It's nice that Ceres is realizing that not all children are going to be able to go to college and will offer the manufacturing program. But I would sure like to know where those jobs are at, too, because there's a lot of us who are out of work who wouldn't mind doing a manufacturing job.

• Enjoyed article on Steve LaFarge

I enjoyed reading your article about Steve LaFarge. My wife, Linda and I, went to Bible College with him and Barb. We think they are great people and that Grace Community is very fortunate to have them. I visited the church on their second Sunday there and was happy to see that Steve has retained his very funny sense of humor all these years. Thanks for writing about them and posting the story on your website so I could read it here in San Jose.

• What about poor kids at center?

I'd like to ask about the Community Center. Mr. Doug Lemcke is so worried about raising money and everything for the Community Center but what about low-income families? What happens if they can't pay for any kind of functions or anything? Do these kids just get kicked out to the curb? I want to know what Mr. Lemcke is going to do for the kids in poverty. Are they going to be welcomed in this new center or is he going to be charging a dollar at the door?

(Editor's note: The city is selling commemorative bricks to private individuals and businesses to raise funds to replace furnishings and buy equipment at the center after it opens. The Community Center will be used for both public events, such as city meetings and recreation programs as well as private events, including weddings and private parties. The city's recreation programs at the center, which will be open to all residents, are mostly fee based. Lemcke told us that the city has scholarships of up to $100 per family to help poor families cover all or partial costs but they must qualify.)

• Palin a great choice for GOP

I want to say that I applaud the decision of John McCain to name Sarah Palin as his running mate. I think she is an excellent pick and just goes to show that the Republicans are just as progressive in their thinking on matters of gender than the Democrats claim. To think that it is the Republicans who may have the first female vice president really makes me proud of the GOP.

Palin actually has more executive experience than does Barack Obama, who has none. I would feel more comfortable with her running the country, if God forbid McCain were to die in office, than I would Obama.

• Appreciates Courier and opinions

I want to "sound off" and just say that I really look forward to the Courier's opinion page. I enjoy Dennis Wyatt's view on things, such as the Auburn Dam, and I've read Jeff so much I feel like I know him and I appreciate his wisdom on things. I also like Frank Aquila's view of politics and also Jeff Denham's columns.

I think the Courier is a neat little paper for our hometown. I hope people in Ceres support our paper when they can. We're fortunate to have such a nice paper. Keep up the good work you guys.