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Sound Off! calls published Sept. 7, 2011
• Walmart wants to be top dog

I hope this is not the City Council that we have to rely on for the planning of our city. Take a look at downtown. If Walmart moves to its new location, who will ever even drive far enough to see a downtown. We can trade the weeds and dirt from that field to downtown Ceres. Why we can't have a Target? They could remodel the inside of the old Walmart to accommodate the groceries. Believe me, if they had to they would.

Ceres says we are losing money to Turlock? There is not a Supercenter there but there is a Target?

Come on, City Council, Turlock said no. We can too. Just because it fits the general plan doesn't make it the best plan. With the budget cuts, how will our Ceres PD deal with the added crime that comes with the Supercenter?

The one in Modesto is a joke.

Walmart does not stop until they are the only ones left. Just take a look at other cities and see this yourself. They are ghost towns. We don't have to be one. We can stop them before it's too late. I am sure Walmart is upset that there are still some retailers left so they need Supercenter to finish the job. Just say no.

- Debbie Swift,


• Left keeps getting more desperate

As we all watch the desperation of the left grow, even with 14 plus months ahead, it seems the bar gets lowered every few days when it comes to hate-filled, non-constructive and dare I say racist rhetoric that President Obama lectured us not to use, I guess that message was lost to those on the left. The latest example is Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California, under investigative pressure from the Congressional Ethics Committee, but more so for being caught on tape saying the truth about the Obama Administration policies and how they affect the folks she represents. She represents a district where the overall unemployment rate which is highly is dwarfed by unemployment numbers of minorities. She was "feeling the pain" of the folks she represents but then she got the heat from the folks she works for and felt that pain. So now the bar's set where a Democratic representative, senator or even a president is free to call those who disagree with them "hostage takers," "terrorists" and "tea baggers" and now Waters "can all go to hell." And she will do everything she can to help them get there. The arrogance and elitism in these people know no bounds.

Rep. Waters also represents all in California, even those who disagree with her. This kind of representation and leadership is why California is in the sad shape it is. As it goes in California, so goes the rest of the country.

These people are not leaders and they don't belong in office.

• Caller made an ignorant statement

For the lady who said, "Push to learn English is racist," really? Read your article again. That's the most ignorant thing I have ever read.

If you think my comment is racist, I've got news for you. I'm Mexican. I love my country, I love my culture, I love my people, I love my parents and my grandparents who barely speak English.

• Thieves taking things from people's yards

My neighbor down the street made a missing poster because somebody stole the gnomes out of her yard and she wanted everyone to know there's a thief in the neighborhood. We live on Richland right next to Richard Way so if anybody else in the area is missing things you know a lot of people are too. Sometimes it helps to know that you're not the only one people are stealing things from. I wish they wouldn't but I guess nobody can be safe in Ceres with anything in their yard, whether it's the front yard or back yard.

• Lane was the only council leader

At the Aug. 22 Ceres City Council meeting, Vice Mayor Lane was the only councilmember who took a leadership role. Unlike Durossette and Ochoa who already had their minds made up before they listened to the community, Lane asked Walmart to consider a development agreement for the store Walmart wants to leave empty. At least council member showed the community that he wants to look out for their interests rather than Walmart's.