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"Sound Off!" column of Dec. 19, 2007
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Seahawks, our city coaches, I want to say thank you for a great season. This will be our last one. I also want to remind you, you will never make every player's parents happy. There will always be someone with something to complain about.

When we lost our last playoff game, we did that as a team - players and coaches. I was there when you spoke with the boys after the game. I heard you praise them, even when you were just as disappointed as the parents and the players. Life will always hand us disappointments; the true test is how you handle it. You will always be a great coach who has made a difference in many young mens' life, in my book. We will miss you and good luck next season.

• Problems with Charter?

I'm curious to know if anyone in our area has had problems with Charter Communications. We have been billed for the second time, for services we did not order -- $159 worth of pornography, to be more specific. If anyone has had similar problems, please write in and share them.

• Weidman the better choice

I was reading your article about the supervisorial race in District 2. The incumbent, Tom Mayfield is retiring and there are already two candidates running for that post. It's going to be interesting if anyone else jumps in. But as to the two who have announced, Weidman and Chiesa, Weidman is by far the better choice. I mean, the other one states that Weidman is a career politician. Well, let's look at it this way; he's been in law enforcement for many years. He's defended the public and I believe that is an honorable profession. So therefore, I truly do believe that Weidman, so far, is the better choice of the two.

• Ditto, her son has rotten wife

This is for the lady who had the courage enough to write of her son and daughter in law. We totally relate to everything you wrote. I thought at first I had written the article and just forgotten. Yes, unfortunately, until our son realizes that his wife is doing more damage to the children and him, there is absolutely nothing we can do. Our daughter in law is physically and mentally abusive to our son and he can take care of himself as he has been in martial-arts for years. However, he wasn't raised to ever strike a female. And the language she uses to my son and just in general also will no doubt run over on the grandchildren.

My husband and I have finally told our son how we feel about her in truth as she isolated everyone from our son as she always wanted to. He is the funniest, kindest and spiritual person but has no sense when it comes to her. She's an evil person and only God can change her heart. Thanks for letting me vent as well.

Merry Christmas to you sweet parents who have tried so hard.

• Remedies for student pedestrian

In regards to the young person's statement that the intersection at Service and Blaker needs a traffic light. No.1, there is no crosswalk at this location so that to me is jaywalking. No.2, if crossing the road at this location is making them late to school than they should start earlier. No.3, I have sat at this intersection and watched as 10 to 15 kids slowly straggled across the road strung out so as to take as much time as possible. No.4, If this person wants, go cross at a traffic light; this is easily done by walking on the sidewalk to Central where there is a traffic light already installed. (When they cross at Blaker there is no sidewalk between Blaker and the school grounds.)

• You your brains about alcohol

You hear a lot about car accidents or arrests due to drunk driving. This happens all the time, all year through. There's a lot of parties going on, everybody having a good time and plenty of drinks to go around. To those of you who are planning on giving a Christmas party and even a New Year's Eve party to please tell your guests about having a designated driver or perhaps the host or hostess can provide transportation back home for the guest if need be. If you think highly of your guests to invite them to your party, you should think highly of them to make sure they get home safely.

Please, please don't drink and drive. Call a friend or family member to drive you home. Call anybody. Your family and friends love you. They want you safe.

Driving a car and with a brain on alcohol just don't mix!

• Protecting lawbreakers a crime

Our desire to protect our loved ones, property and friends has led many to join up in watch groups. This is a fine thing to do and can give the community a greater sense of security. But there is always the possibility that a good thing can go bad; it has happened in the past. Would it be property for a Watch group to look the other way if one or two of its own broke the law? They meet their standards. They set as to who is decent. The person got what he deserves so there is no need to report it to the police. By their actions they have now become criminals. If these people are allowed to continue in this line of thinking then we have no need for the police or judges or juries. Because these people have set themselves up as police, judge and executioner. I may be mistaken on this. They too cannot allow friendship or personal feelings to stand in the way of their carrying out their sworn duty. A word of caution to do this makes these people criminals and who knows, maybe in the future they will be under the eye of a Watch group.

• Seahawks head please listen

I cannot believe what I just read in Letters to the Editor. I am in no way associated with the Seahawks. However, I have met both Coach Borba and President Fergoso when they were with the Ceres Falcons. Anyone who understands the game of football will tell you that Coach Borba is an amazing coach. This man has the talent to bring kids together and play as a team. He needs no defending especially from President Fergoso. How can you have the president of the Ceres Seahawks calling out the parents of his organization for critizing the coaches' play calling? This absolutely ridiculous especially since its coming from the president. As the president you should have addressed those parents when it was happening. Are you reacting to rumors? Those parents paid the price of admission to that game and can criticize all they want. By you writing to the Courier whining about their actions, you have sunk to a lower level. Especially, since you tried to sneak it in while at the same time defending/congratulating Coach Borba. I hope parents of Seahawks players read your letter and acknowledge that as president, Mr. Fergoso, you need to be held to a higher standard. Actually, Mr. Fergoso you need to hold yourself to a higher standard.