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Sound Off! columns published Jan. 5, 2010
• No sales on Christmas Tree Lane

I'm calling concerning Christmas Tree Lane. You know, this is the first year that we have had multiple people selling things up and down the streets. We've had lights being sold, hot chocolate being sold, you know, this is not set up for people to come and set up a business. We've contacted Ceres Police Department on a number of occasions and the lights were continuing to be sold night after night with people dropping off more lights to be sold. This is the last year that we will put up lights to benefit people to sell items on our street. I will no longer do it. If we cannot put a stop to this then the citizens can go elsewhere as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure some people will put up lights but this is not called for.

I live on Christmas Tree Lane.

• He'll get what's coming to him

This is for the fellow who thought he'd snatch my purse away from me last Tuesday evening as I was walking down Whitmore Avenue. I had just taken a brisk walk over to the Post Office with a stop by Taco Bell. I'm 61 years old and just minding my own business, lived in Ceres all my life, and he felt in his best interests to snatch my purse. Well, fellow, you will get what's coming to you. That's called karma.

• How about a bowling alley at Rite Aid?

I would suggest to the city of Ceres that with the new Rite Aid going in on Mitchell Road starting the beginning of 2011 I think that they should at least put a bowling alley right there where the old Rite Aid is next to the Save Mart.

• Fix your pets to control overpopulation

To get every cat in the city or country fixed, spay and neuter clinic is at 1430 Carpenter Lane off Carpenter Road. They also have a program if you can't afford the cat being fixed.

• Government has us over a barrel

I'd like to make a comment on the "Few protest water meters." I think it's an ingenious idea that our government has where we force people to come into the city where they're a captive audience. We don't have a choice in the matter because the local government makes the decision for them, they install the water meters. You can't get your gas for heating anywhere else. You can't get your electricity for lighting and heating anywhere else. Then what do they do? They start charging higher rates, higher taxes, higher fees, etcetera, etcetera. I think it's an ingenious idea that they've come up with.

• Thanks to Boosters supporters

The Ceres High School Boosters Club would like to thank Richland Market and the following individuals for their help this past season: Jeff and Tina Borden, Chris Canatsy and Jean Jones. Again, thanks for your time and effort.

• Reasons for the disappearance?

I'm calling about the "Brother, sister still missing after 7 weeks" (article that was published Dec. 29.) The reason being the parents are weird because they haven't notified again. Because the dad has a criminal record that maybe needed to be checked into. Also, being separated from the mother for some time.

• Idiots who celebrated New Year's

I don't understand why people think it's kosher to celebrate the arrival of a new year by making all kinds of racket, such as honking and rattling pots and pans, or worse still, shooting guns. Some people need to sleep and work the next day. Ever think about that, people?