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Sound Off!
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• The whining of the unions worked

Congratulations to CUTA and CSEA union members. All your whining, back-stabbing, mudslinging lies worked and you got your push button board. You won two seats at the last election and two more this time, too. Now you can run the school district the way you want and get what you deserve: less hours and more pay.

• Fed up with

downtown drivers

Driving in downtown Ceres makes my blood boil. Specifically, on Fourth Street, where people steal your rightaway as you try to make your way around the roundabout near the Ceres Drug Store, take up two parking spots with their SUVs and speed up when you try to back out. Slow down and show some common courtesy!

• Agrees with Jeff on addresses

I wanted to put in my two cents about the mislabeling of Ceres addresses north of Hatch Road. I am sure this is going to be an emotional issue for some up there still but changing the address to Ceres is just the right thing to do. They should make the change just for the sake of accuracy. If anything, having the wrong city's address and zip robs one of the nicest areas of Ceres of being identified as Ceres.

Just like the voters made a change to the CUSD trustee areas by taking away Westport's guarantee of two seats, growth has brought about change to the area north of Hatch. The people living there need to realize that that area will never be Modesto and should not be called Modesto.

I've even heard people say they ate at this place or that place "here in town." When I ask them where, they say, Modesto. Well, when you're standing in Ceres, don't refer to Modesto as "this town." We may be growing next to each other but Modesto is Modesto and Ceres is Ceres.

Get with the times, people.

• No problems with wrong address

I have lived on Canyon Road north of Hatch Road for almost 19 years. For you to say that our address to not acceptable and needs to be changed is wrong, especially coming from someone who has not lived in this area. I do not find it a burden to go to the Post Office on Paradise. I am very happy with the way things are. For you to say that this is a confusing dilemma is a misrepresentation. Those of us who live in this area of land have never been confused about where we go for services, only those that do not live here seem to be confused. So you need to quit talking like you have everyone's interests in mind when you really do not know how everyone feels about this issue.

• Watch what Hillary says, does

I believe Americans need to watch and scrutinize what Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton is saying. She got her you-know-what caught in a ringer when she first said the New York governor's plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens was a "good idea." Then she said she "never said that" when in fact she did. The reason she recanted her statement was when she realized how opposed Americans are to the idea.

No free passes for Hillary. She will say and do anything she can to get elected, then do a 180 back toward the left. She is a Ted Kennedy liberal and is someone I fear getting back in the White House.