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Letters to the Editor published April 18, 2012
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Chad Condit is qualified to be our congressman

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am compelled to present an opposing viewpoint concerning Chad Condit's qualifications to represent the 10th District as our congressman. In 1997 Chad was a chief of staff in the California State Assembly and in 1999 an assistant to the governor of California and since 2011 has been assistant to the California State Legislature. That indicates to me a depth of experience in the political arena.

Chad also has a college education.

During Chad's tenure as chief of staff and assistant to the governor, I was mayor of Ceres and had the privilege of working with Chad as an appointee by then Gov. Gray Davis to the California Rural Development Committee. I found Chad to be very knowledgeable relative to the needs of the Central Valley and the concerns of its citizens. Chad is very articulate and has the ability to communicate with all citizens throughout the social and economic spectrum.

I find it very distasteful at the implication that Chad would be using his father's name for his own advancement. Knowing Chad as I do, I am confident he will represent the 10th District well, keeping the needs of its citizens foremost in his decision making.

Louie Arrollo,

Former Mayor of Ceres

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