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Letters to the Editor published April 6, 2011
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'Every 15 Minutes' program assisted by wonderful individuals

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of Central Valley High School, the students and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that made the Every 15 Minutes program possible. In order for this program to be successful, it takes school personnel, district personnel and community personnel working together.

Special thanks go to the California Highway Patrol (Eric Parsons and Matt Gisler), the California Office of Traffic Safety, American Medical Response (Melanie Martinez), Medi-Flight, Memorial Hospital and personnel, the Ceres Department of Public Safety, Sgt. Danny Vierra, "grim reapers" Pat Dayton, Carlos Quiroz, and Darren Venn, Captain Sonny Snyder, Captain Dan Foster, Chaplain Joel Richards, Chaplain Billybob Muirhead, Chaplain Dave Broyles, Tom Killian, Stanislaus County Coroner's Office, the Ceres Police Officers Association, Lakewood Memorial Park and Funeral Home, Ceres Firefighters Local 3636, the city of Ceres, Ceres Police Explorers and Volunteers, Ceres Unified School District Personnel, Jinee Brooks, Kim Chapman, Kathi Foster, Eric Holley, Shellie Coutrakis, Felicia Beard, Darryl Long, Charles Blanks, Dave Johnson, Diamond Bar Arena and Shane Parson, Ceres Pro Tow, Ceres Lions Club, Coca Cola, Central Sanitary Supply and Evin Coutrakis, The Floral Cottage, Starlight Video, Sounds in Motion, and Wal-Mart. The businesses in town that donated food are: Donut Factory, Donut Town, Donut Delite, both Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, Little Caesar's Pizza, Marco's Pizza, McDonalds at Hatch and Herndon, Producers Dairy Foods, Food 4 Less, Quiznos, Richland Market, Save Mart, and Supermom's Frozen Yogurt.

Special thanks also go to the CUSD personnel who moved bleachers, translated, donated the bus for transportation, the donation of custodial time and much more. Thank you to Mr. Siegel, Dr. Van Vleck, Dr. Jones, and the Blaker Kinser staff and principal.

I would personally like to also thank the Central Valley High School staff. Without your support of this program, it would not be possible. We, the staff, believe in this program because if it saves even one life, it is worthwhile.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the students and parents who participated in this program. It is an emotional two days for everyone, but especially for the students and their parents.

Thanks again!

Kristin Lilly-Porter,

Activities Director,

Central Valley High School,


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