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Open the lower terrace of the Ceres River Bluff Park already

Editor, Ceres Courier,

My dog and I love lower River Bluff (Park). Prior to the atmospheric rivers, we used to visit almost daily. Today, it’s been more than 100 days since anyone was allowed to visit.  

Ever since its closure, I’ve been puzzled as to why lower River Bluff closed in the first place – again! I grew up on a farm and shortly after it rained, the river became the focal point for all to swim, fish, eat, play, etc. The city of Ceres, on the other hand, seems to close access to lower River Bluff at the first signs of precipitation.  

After several frustrating failed attempts to access the river with my kayak, I decided to use the new Ceres app to inquire about the closure.  

On January 25, I sent a message to city officials asking about the closure and pleaded to open the park for those who can safely practice competitive water sports, or to at least allow people to get within view to admire the might of the river. 

I did not receive a response until April 3. The response was “Park was closed due to flooding by the city manager.” That city manager is no longer here.

As someone who cherishes the park and its surroundings, I hope the new city manager recognizes the importance of Lower River Bluff and takes steps to reopen it soon. People deserve the opportunity to safely enjoy the river and engage in watersports and other activities that are essential to well-being.

Alvaro Franco,


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