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Supports Grub Hub for Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Limiting the amount of food trucks that may operate within Ceres is a form of subsidy or regulatory benefit favoring wealthy fast-food franchises or long-established business owners that offer trash or unhealthy food options, as it allows them to remain the only food options in Ceres.

Feeling optimistic that the Ceres City Council may finally amend policy to allow for more food options, my wife and I went to Modesto Grub Hub to see and get a taste of what could potentially come to Ceres.

Modesto Grub Hub is located at the corner of G and 9th streets and entirely dedicated to food trucks; I ordered from four different ones. Not a single food truck disappointed, in fact, I highly recommend the chocolate-filled churros.

Food trucks are controversial and are mostly opposed by brick-and-mortar business owners because they – understandably – argue that food trucks do not pay their fair share of taxes or other fees associated with running a business.

My suggestion is that the city mimic Modesto’s Grub Hub and San Francisco’s “Off the Grid” event, where the city promotes food truck businesses right outside of City Hall for a fee that could account for a portion of the sales tax they would otherwise be forced to pay at a brick-and-mortar location.

I envision something akin to Concerts in the Park, but on a weekly basis. How fun would it be to bike to City Hall, Whitmore Park, or Lower River Bluff for “Food Truck Fridays” on a weekly basis?

Alvaro Franco,


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