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CYSO cancels season due to coronavirus
• Estimated 1,000 kids won’t play soccer this year
Soccer complex Ceres
The soccer complex at Ceres River Bluff Regional Park will not be used this fall because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

For the first time in its 37-year history, Ceres Youth Soccer Organization will not have a season.

“Our league has been running for 36 years,” President Lou Toste said.  “We’re not going to have a season this year because of the coronavirus. We’re following the rules of the government and city. I understand they’re doing it for the safety of the kids and community. It’s a big change. They’re so used to it every year.”

Up to 1,000 boys and girls, aged 4-16, would have signed up to play for CYSO this season according to Toste.

“I feel bad for the kids,” Toste said. 

Each player would have been required to have a guardian sign a COVID-19 waiver to participate. Spectators would have had to wear masks and sit six feet apart.

“Our league was supposed to start on Aug. 15,” Toste said. “We got lucky by not opening registration because of the virus. We don’t have to give money back.”

Toste played an instrumental role in getting soccer fields developed at Ceres River Bluff Regional Park.

He regularly attended city council meetings and talked about the need for a new facility. The complex’s nine fields will not be used this fall.

“I’ve supported the league from day one,” Toste said. “I’m used to not going on vacation so I can be out there every Saturday. Now all of a sudden it’s taken away. I pray to God we’ll be able to play in 2021.”