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"Sound Off!" calls for Jan. 2, 2008
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• Questions for city leaders to please answer

I do not live in the city limits but do live where the city is very apt to come to me. We do our primary shopping in Ceres so our sales tax money must be paying for some of the things I'm curious about. Maybe some city employee or city father will read the question and have an answer and write in with it.

1). Why is there a stop sign on Morgan Road at Aristocrat when there is a traffic light at Don Pedro where the kids can cross the road to the school?

2). Why did the city allow the buildings so far into the road on Richland Avenue north of Evans?

3). What is the purpose of the wide spot on the west side of El Camino south of Whitmore?

4). Why instead of paving intersection so trucks can make a right turn and stay on the pavement do they put those little plastic posts that just get run over and destroyed by trucks making the turn? If this is a viable suggestion, being a curious sort of fellow I'll probably have more questions in the future as I'm sure other people have questions and do not know where to go for answers.

• Toys for Tots not their best

I wanted to talk about Christmas presents for kids that are needy and how some places are giving out toys that are ripped books, used stuffed animals that have been washed. I just think that there's so much Toys for Toys being donated, why are we giving out crud to our kids for Christmas? I think Ceres kids deserve better than what they're getting from these places. I'm majorly disappointed.

I have three kids and I went to get toys for them and my 12-year-old son is not going to play with a used teddy bear. He's not going to enjoy Christmas this year with a used teddy bear. If you have a 12-year-old kid, you're not gonna want to give him a used teddy bear for Christmas. My three year-old daughter is gonna wonder why she got a ripped book and it's a Noah's Ark with no animals, you know, just a used scratched-up thing. I'm appalled.

• More talk on controling woman

I'm calling in regards to the article on daughter-in-laws. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was a few years ago. We had all gone out to lunch and when my daughter-in-law didn't feel the waiter wasn't paying enough attention to us, she became very loud and obnoxious. Everyone was looking at her. It was quite embarrassing. After she finished with the waiter, she turned on my son. She ruined a very good time for all of us. My son sat there with this sick look of despair on his face. I tried cheering everyone up but it didn't work. Then after we returned home, she started on my son again. It was just horrible. I believe he has always been afraid of her because she tells him that she will take the children away and that he will never see them again. And he knows how she generally follows through with her controlling threats. He loves those kids so much but he needs to realize that this kind of behavior is damaging the children. I really don't believe the children really know what a normal family life is.

Anyway, that's when I decided I couldn't put up with this woman any longer. Seeing your son and grandchildren go through the bullying of this woman was more than I could take.

I walked away and haven't talked to or seen her since and I don't intend to. My heart goes out to anyone who gets involved with her because she can come off as a pretty good person but soon shows her true colors. She's very rude, obnoxious, self-absorbed person and will not think twice about turning on you.

• Charter flagged by the BBB

This is in response to the subject of Charter. I was not seeking small-minded opinions, but rather, trying to find out if anyone in this community had similar problems with this company. As it turns out, our household is not the first. If you look on the Better Business Bureau website, you will see that Charter has been tagged as an unsatisfactory company. Charter did not send us pornography for "no reason." Charter billed us for pornography which we did not order. The assumption that someone in our house did this and is lying, reflects the reader's way of life, not ours.

• Charter falsely charged her too

I was just calling in regards to "Sound Off!" about Charter Communications. You know, I was charged one time for these pornography films and there was nobody in the house but me and I do not watch that kind of crap. You know, Charter should watch who they're charging. Are they charging the right person or getting a bunch of bills in and giving it to whoever they want to charge it to? You shouldn't be calling this person a liar in the paper.