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Sound Off! calls pubblished on Oct. 28, 2009
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• Service dogs not for your folly

Service dogs are in the store for the partners' help or whatever otherwise whatever they're certified for. They are not in the store for your children to come up and start playing with nor should you send your children toward a service dog. It is a dangerous situation for the handler because then the dog has to be on the watchout for your children when they are supposed to be functioning for their job. So please remember the dog and the handler are as a partner as a whole, not for your children's enjoyment and entertainment.

• City should sweep its own streets

I am calling about the article in the Oct. 14 edition of the Courier regarding the street sweepers and the quality question. I've been in Ceres long enough to see both those contractors do a lousy job, whether they use two sweepers, one sweeper, they still do a very lousy job.

The city would save a bundle of money if they would just buy their own sweeper and maintain their sweeper, that way they can clean their own streets.

• Cesar Chavez did a lot for her family

I do not belong to the Ceres community but I do receive your newspaper. I just want to comment about what Cesar Chavez did for me and my family. As an agriculture worker, my father benefited from the United Farm Workers union, which was founded by Cesar Chavez. The union gave him a pension. He also had health insurance benefits during the time he was employed. The union also helped him to receive fair wages for his work. Because of this he was able to support his family without government aid.

When I used to work in the field I was able to have access to basic needs such as fresh water and toilets, higher pay and better working conditions.

I never saw Cesar Chavez at an ice cream social but I saw him in the news on his hunger strikes, protesting by refusing to eat for long periods to gain better working conditions for the farm workers.

• Cost, history mean nothing to Guerrero

We received three campaign mailers to three different people in our household from Teresa Guerrero. It seems to me one per household would be more cost efficient. It also tells me not only does she not care about the history of this city and its people, she doesn't care how she spends other people's money.

• Cell phone drivers, tinted windows an ire

Did we repeal the law that says you can't talk on cell phones while driving? You get on the highway any given time of day and everyone's on cell phones and driving their cars. They drive erratic, too.

My biggest complaint is, when did we repeal the law that you can tint all the windows on your car? It was my understanding that you can't tint the driver side window and the windshield. Something's wrong with our system somewhere. It could be the lack of the Ceres Police Department.

• Betty bucked the board at least once

For all the Ceres citizens who are upset at the School Board for the naming of the new junior high school, you all should take a look at Betty Davis and how she has faithfully served the district. Just last year the School Board voted 6-1 to allow Central Valley High School teachers to implement a grade changing program that was known to be against California Education Code. The board was even asked to look more indepth at the implications. The board didn't and consequently spent over $120,000 losing a lawsuit brought against the district and then losing an appeal. All this money was spent by the district knowing that funds were needed to fight the upcoming state financial crisis. The lone vote against this grade changing policy was Betty Davis. This demonstrates her ability to thoroughly examine an issue and then vote for conviction despite pressure and criticism. More board members with that kind of integrity and independence are needed, especially with the looming budget deficit for next year.

• Get educated before you vote

I'm calling in regards to the upcoming elections in November. Think about what the City Council has done and if you approve of it, re-elect them; if you don't, reject them. Look at the money spent for downtown redevelopment and consider that, the $380,000 they spent on that and no results from it. The $50,000 odd dollars spent to let us know about water meters and things of that nature. The endorsement by the police officers association. All things to look at.

As far as the School Board, the naming of Cesar Chavez School seems to be one of the biggest controversies in the city in quite a while and they just flat refused to revisit it and voted unanimously for that. So if you're against it, reject them. If people are for it, re-elect.

If you don't know what you're voting on, don't vote. Get educated.