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Sound Off! calls published April 13, 2011
• Will strawberries be served?

Last year they didn't have the strawberries in the (Ceres high) cafeteria the same day as the Ceres Street Faire. And I was wondering, are they going to have it this year? Because that is killer. Everybody liked that event, eating the strawberries and the tea and muffins. I've had people come all the way from Lodi, Sacramento, to do that and I was just curious if they are going to have a lot of people to do that this year and I'm hoping they would do that because that is just the greatest thing that they've ever had there. So if you are going to do that could you please put it in the paper.

• Memorial bench would be nice

I'm calling in regards to the young girl, Danielle Tarancon. I think Ceres needs together for a memorial bench.

• Morbidly obese grandmother feels good

I loved your article in this week's Courier. At the end you asked "How do you feel?" It really put my mind in motion. I am almost 70. Can you see a fat old lady running around town, or the park in shorts? That's a sight for sore eyes, for sure.

I had a doctor tell me that I was morbidly obese. You know what? I never saw that doctor again! Besides that, I recently found out that I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and am a diabetic, and the blood bank wouldn't even take my blood the last few times I tried to give because I don't have enough iron. Well, why in the heck, if I have so much wrong with me, do I feel so good? Go figure.

Keep up your great articles. I love reading them.

• Happy the new center was approved

I am pleased that the Planning Commission passed the Walmart Shopping Center. I am sure that people will turn off the freeway to shop in that attractive center and not drive all the way to Turlock. It will be a nice "Gateway to the city."

• Traffic will be a mess with new center

If the center is built, it will precipitate significant traffic congestion for years to come. Trying to pass through or reach the opposite side of town already requires a significant amount of time.

• His stereo can outblast his neighbor's!

My call is to the folks in my neighborhood. I just spent $2,500 to have a stereo installed in my car where I can drown your music out. Please be warned! We are tired of hearing your music full blast all the time!

And when I told the person who was installing my stereo that this is why I was doing it, I got a $500 discount because he, too, is tired of hearing it all the time. Have some respect. These are our neighborhoods. It's still America!

• Alliance contradicting itself?

It sounds like the Alliance is contradicting themselves. On the one hand the Alliance soft pedals the idea that the Walmart Supercenter is a benefit to small businesses. On the other hand the Alliance offers to hold a focus group so businesses can learn to compete with big box retailers. If Walmart is such a benefit, why does Mr. Bassitt say that these small businesses need to "tweak" their strategies to protect themselves and to prevent them from suffering? I believe that Mr. Bassitt's ineffectual bromide, such as telling businesses of Ceres to be sensitive about pricing and customer service is simply a public relations stunt. Perhaps the Alliance can hold a focus group for seals; they can teach seals to protect themselves from sharks by tweaking their swimming style.

• Disappointed in former pastor

I just came into town for a friend who passed away. When I came into town I happened to find out from the man who I attended church with many years ago is now longer pastoring. And not only that he's living a lifestyle that he totally taught against. He's telling total lies. He's got two different girlfriends. You never know who he's going to be with. I think the organization needs to apologize for all of us who stood behind him when they took the church. Evidently they knew more than we did.

• Not enough jobs because we've overgrown

If the people hadn't bought all the farmland that we did have and built all these new homes and brought all these new people come in, we would have more money in our pockets because we could all work in Ceres. There's not enough jobs in Ceres and Modesto for the people we have now.

• Reunion information query

We would like to know how we would get information for our class graduation reunion for 1977.

(Editor's note: We're not sure if you are saying you're a reunion organizer and want to know how to get information published, or if you are wanting details about a possible reunion for your class. Community briefs details may be e-mailed to Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for reunion news routinely makes it into Community Briefs. FYI, we've not heard of any 34th anniversary reunions.)