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Sound Off! calls published April 14, 2010
• Caller made up pot accusation

I think most of us know what studio this so-called parent is talking about with their subtle hints. But if you were any kind of concerned parent you would think before publishing this! There are teenagers who read this who belong to "that" dance studio who look up to their instructors and directors. And with no proof this can be very damaging to everyone involved. I am a parent to a small child there and very observant about all the staff. I have never seen any wrongdoing in the presence of those children. I believe some people have chips on their shoulders. And unfortunately instead of having enough guts to really say what or why they are mad to the particular people involved they tend to make things up.

For your paper to publish this really was in bad taste. If I were the dance studio I may want to say this is slander.

• With freedom comes responsibility

I'm an individual with a family who lives in Ceres and I was looking at ("Sound Off!") "Reversing the charges of rudeness" and "Hello, it's an opinion page!" Jeff is so right in how he writes about people. We have freedoms and everybody gets these freedoms because of those who have died for it to make it what it is today. But what some of these low-lifes don't seem to understand is with these freedoms comes responsibility to your neighbor, to your family. You have the freedom and right to do what you want in your home, your yard, but you have to have responsibility to those around you to do the right thing, not turn your music, be respectful.

• Thanks, Jeff, for promoting morals

I would like to say that I am thankful for such a wonderful editor as Jeff Benziger with the Ceres Courier. You are a profound example and influence on our community. I have grown up in Ceres and started reading the paper since I was a child. Now as an adult, the paper continues to serve as a reminder to me of what manners, kindness, and consideration should look like. Your articles serve as little reminders that we should keep the music down in our cars, the volume down on our phones, dress appropriately in public, and to serve and put others before ourselves. Thank you for promoting morals and putting God first by continuing to post ads for all the churches in our community. It's wonderful to see the paper promote good leaders and hold them to high standards within your writing. We are blessed to have you in our community and I am thankful.

• Right-wingers the real problem

The following words go to the person who wrote, "Tolerant only when they agree with you." First of all, I would like to applaud you for sounding like a complete fool. In our national election, Obama was voted president so let's not hate on it since we are a democracy and majority rules. If you're upset about our country being so left wing leaning perhaps you should pack your bags now.

Our president doesn't pass things by himself. It's called the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. They help vote something through.

You should know that you helped send two senators and multiple representatives to D.C. unless you didn't vote, which wouldn't surprise me. So why don't you go look in the mirror and take a look at the real problem?

• Kids have major distractions today

Please, keep up the good work, Jeff. Your article on respect for others was extremely poignant. I am a 33-year-old father of three. A 14-year-old with an ex who has no ambition because of video games, texting and all the other distractions most of us didn't have when we were kids, and 2 kids under age 3.

Now that you've written about the spanking article - also very good - you need to write about all the distractions kids have anymore and how this gives them the attention span of a gnat, but without the individual responsibility for their decisions.