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Sound Off! calls published April 23,2008
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• Wonderful Courier story

Fantastic story on "Ceres forever home to '46 graduate." Mac Martinez was my Dad's best friend in high school and Mary Ellen was his girlfriend for about three years. My dad and his brothers and cousins lived on Roeding Road in Ceres, too. My father's father was also dead and he was raised by his mother. I wonder if that is part of the attraction that drew them to be such good friends.

I'm really glad you wrote that wonderful story. Thank you!

• Tow company took advantage

During the Oakdale Rodeo my vehicle was towed. When I found out what company took it I inquired with them who authorized the towing of it. They gave me several different answers and when I pressed them they finally gave me the name of a well-known property management company in Modesto. When I called her she said they had not authorized any towing.

This towing company used the popular event in Oakdale to make a quick buck. What a shame this is happening in the city of Oakdale and unless I questioned it, they would have gotten away with it and charged me $167. Don't just accept that you were in the wrong; question these road tow companies about their actions.

• Lane influenced by Wyatt

I'm calling regarding the "Electronic sign issue must wait." It seems to me that Mr. Lane is pretty much in Mr. Wyatt's back pocket as far as being one of his biggest campaign contributors.

Ceres, as far as I know, is about the city up and down 99 is the only city that allows billboards and it's just something else for these taggers to climb up and tag. Anything that Mr. Wyatt wants Mr. Lane is pretty much behind him 100 percent. If he wanted to open up a brothel I guess Mr. Lane would be behind that.

As far as Mr. Durossette's statement that "whatever will bring in money to Ceres" I guess that would do it too. So, might as well open up a brothel too if Mr. Wyatt would like.

• Startled by anti-police comment

I was so surprised about somebody calling "Sound Off!" about police officers obeying laws. At a time when our country is at war with gangs and driveby shootings where seconds could count and sometimes police are like first-responders of people in trouble ... you don't want to wait for the police who are sitting at the stop light. I think that was a few months ago but I'm still in shock that somebody would think that.

Thanks very much for your paper. I love Ceres and I'm worried about this place. There's so much out there.

• Waiver of fee was wrong

I want to comment that I think the City Council was wrong in waiving the fee for Dirk Wyatt's sign application. Mr. Wyatt knew that his application was going to be recommended to be denied and yet he thought he could ram it through the council, which he has given lots of campaign contributions to. Then they give it back to him!

The council and city charges fees to cover staff time to process applications like this. To give the fee money back is to ask all of us taxpayers to cover the cost. I think that is wrong. I think the council had better quit taking campaign funds from someone who always asks for exceptions to be made in his case.

I will remember this at election. I am also proud of our mayor, who voted against the four.