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Sound Off! calls published August 11, 2010
• Someone needs to crack down

I have an idea about the new garbage rates. If you're going to raise our garbage rates, why don't you get somebody out there enforcing the law about putting the garbage cans and recycling Toter behind fences? Because everywhere I look everybody has their damned garbage cans out and it's ugly and it's supposed to be a law in our town and nobody does it except us on our block. So with the increase in garbage, get somebody out there fining people and you can make money that way.

• Who is funding your message, Jeff?

Jeff, may God have mercy on you. Christianity is alive and strong. As a true Christian. Sarah Palin and Tea Party tactics are not a representaion of real Christianity. You're a confused individual with hatred beliefs against people that are different from your personal agenda.

Regardless of who wins at the polls, ask yourself, are you making a difference? What are doing for your community? I'll find out who's funding your message or maybe you can tell us. Better not be the city.

• Parents of armed forces personnel

Jeff, congratulations to you and your family for being an Air Force family! My Mom and Dad got that notice when I decided to enlist in 1970 right out of high school. I served as a hospital medic ("bedpan commando") at Keesler AFB, MS and Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. I also served in the Wyoming Army National Guard as an MP several years after I got out of the USAF.

My young daughter, graduate of Class of 2007 of Ceres High School, just passed her third anniversary in the U.S. Army as an MP. She had to have a waiver to be an MP due to her short stature - 4-foot-9 - but has not let that deter her in her "adventure" in the Army. Personally, if I were the enemy and came upon her, I'd run.

Air Force members are in safer areas than the other services. Just send on encouraging letters, etc. and stand behind him while he is in training and beyond.

For those without loved ones in the military, but who want to help: will do the job and make you an "addict" - and extremely proud.

• Why not water slides at Hatch & Mitchell?

This comment is on the old Walmart building being a skatepark. Why put another skatepark in when there's already one in Ceres?

The property where the old Walmart's at, knock down the buildings and put in waterslides. You figure during the summer it would give the kids an activity to do plus more jobs for the city of Ceres. I think we deserve a water park. Not only that but it'll bring the community a lot of money.

(Editor's note: The person who suggested the idea means an indoor roller skating rink, not an outdoor skatepark).

• Benziger very perceptive

I just want to say kudos to Benziger for his column about the attack on the right by the left-wing politicians, judges and institutions in this country. He really hit the nail on the head when he said we were tired of judges overturning the will of the people. He's a perceptive individual. Here is a case in point: The very day his article came out, which was Aug. 4, a federal judge struck down our Proposition 8, the marriage is between a man and woman only proposition which California voters approved.

It sure doesn't seem to matter what we want, for it would seem a liberal judge overturns it. Senator Boxer was gloating over the ruling on Prop. 8, which is why we, the people, will be turning her out by her ears come Election day.

Please people, quit electing socialists to office.

• Please take down the sign after the sale!

It seems like all these people who put up their weekend yard sale or garage sales have no common courtesy to remove them after the sale is over. Totally tasteless. I personally never go to yard sales because who wants other people's junk but I am sick and tired of how people are leaving them up and letting them litter up the town either on the pole or blowing off the pole.

It's totally disrespectful to our neighborhoods and if you people don't take down your signs I imagine that the city will make it illegal for anyone to put up a garage sale sign. I think the city should go around and cite everyone who leaves them up.

• Central Valley Christian Church is great

I would like to invite all the citizens of Ceres to Central Valley Christian Church if you are thinking about coming to church, Pastor Rob (Hidahl) is such a fantastic pastor. The church is such a loving church family. Kids have great Sunday School teachers and learn a awful lot. The worship team is very awesome; I want to thank them for getting the church fired up every Sunday before Pastor Rob or Pastor Jim or Pastor J.D. do their sermons.

If you feel you need your peace, call the Central Valley Christian Church office at 537-3977.

I guarantee you they won't let you down.