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Sound Off! calls published August 3, 2011
• Love to see new businesses here

I would love to see new business in Ceres. I am not one of those who fears the new Walmart coming here. I do worry that the old location will be vacant.

I am really concerned that Raley's is closing on Sept. 1. Will Staples be next? I go out of town for almost all our eating out. I go to Turlock frequently for Applebees, Chilis, Sizzler, etc. It is frustrating to see the decline of Hatch Road businesses. And the ones that are left look in disrepair and have a customer base that doesn't care that they dump trash in the parking lot. It is so depressing to see this decline.

• Trashing the community is her business

I've been reading back and forth on the matter of people trashing Ceres. This is the first time I've written in on this. Everyone has a fair right to say something. But at least make sure your saying something smart! To say "mind your own business" when people are trashing the streets, it's people just like you who don't care. People like you who are trashing Ceres. If you throw trash in my front yard, it's my business! If you vandalize my car, it's my business, If you graffiti on my fence, it's my business. If your smoking crack on my corner, it's my business. You're foolish to think that turning your cheek is the smart thing to do.

• Meters should not be accessible to all

Why install meters so accessible by anyone? Forensic evidence should be able to rule out the homeowner.

• Miffed that the Ceres High pool was closed

I was sounding off because the Ceres High School pool was closed today. It's supposed to be open on Fridays and Saturdays only and I just think that was such crap going all the way down there on a hot day and no notice why they closed. It would be nice to know.

(Editor's note: In our June 20 article, "City kicks off summer season of swim programs," we noted the following statement: The pool will not be available for open swims on June 18, 24-25, and July 8, 22-23.")

• Have your parties but clean up afterward

I'm calling about the young people in Ceres and I think they should have their parties and fun. We all know we get old quicker than we think we will. But when you have your parties, when you have your fun, don't mess up your neighbors' yard. Pick up after yourselves and have a great time but don't leave a mess.

• Nurse with CPD could have proven benefit

I'm responding to the article today about the police nurse. In some of the state prisons and different facilities, as an RN who has worked in jails, I had noted that sometimes nurses are also deputized as a dual purpose there. Many times inmates come in - there have even been deaths - that the taxpayers are responsible for. But the have a nurse right there to have these problems solved. I would just look at that again from the other angle and see that it's certainly cheaper to have personnel already there than to pay a deputy to take an inmate to the emergency room for a visit. It just makes perfect sense to me.

• Yes, trashing Ceres is all our business!

For this individual who says, "pick up the trash yourself - you and your family go out and pick up trash if you're that concerned." Really? Is it painful to be that ignorant to think that one family's concern is not all our concern? We all live in this community and we should all care about this community. And, yes, it is our business if people are trashing our community. So I think being an ostrich and pretending like it doesn't happen won't work. Perhaps you and your family should get off your complacent backsides and be concerned about your community and go out and pick up some trash, too, because you're probably the ones who has thrown it.

• Liked Jeff's take on what Ceres lacks

Hello, Jeff, after reading your article, I just had to send this message to you. Me and my family just returned from a five-day vacation from Disneyland. Me and my husband were just saying how we have NOTHING family friendly in Ceres. If only we could have someone take interest in our wonderful little town. If we had a theme park in Ceres the city could be racking in cash hand over fist. We are forced to drive to Modesto or Sacramento for family events. I feel our town is overlooked, we have no option but to drive to Modesto or Turlock. We give our taxes to their town instead of ours. Our family drives to Riverbank when we go to the movie theater. I only wish we could have more services in our town, then we could provide more jobs to our residents and more taxes to our city. I have lived in Ceres for nine years, love our town, our schools, our mom and pop pet store and local shoe repairman. I just wish we had more. What can we possibly do to get more is the big question.

Have a great day, I enjoy reading your opinion.