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Sound Off! calls published August 4, 2010
• Lower rates for less garbage

Once again we get a bill here for the garbage and it's increased $7 with no forewarning. I looked at the last two months' bills and there's no warning. I just want to know if we can lower garbage rates because every time I drive around on Monday morning or any other morning no garbage cans are ever full. Mine is about half full every week. Why doesn't the city try and adopt a program to where garbage trucks have a computer where if they pass a house and we don't get charged for that week? I don't go through nearly as much garbage as I am not spending as much money.

Maybe this should be an idea for the city of Ceres for others to follow too. Because the city of Modesto's garbage is between $105 and $110 and ours is now $87 and they got 150,000 more people than us roughly.

• Be considerate with your music

I want to comment on loud stereo music, not just in cars around town but even at homes. Citizens of Ceres, let's have some consideration for our neighbors, shall we? I love music as much as the next guy , but gee wiz! When I am sitting in traffic and can't even hear my own music in my vehicle there is a problem!

I realize the police department has greater issues than pulling someone over for a noisy stereo, so I feel people are taking advantage of the situation. The same issue occurs when I am at home a vehicle drives Daytime or night time, during the week or on the weekends, let's maybe try to consider our neighbors' feelings. What do you think?

• Do we get the Supercenter or not?

I'm calling in regards to the proposed Walmart Supercenter. I'd like to know if we're getting it or not. The way I read it, we're not but then others tell me we are. That's my question if you could answer it.

(Editor's note: The project is in the environmental review stage and has not gone before the city Planning Commission nor City Council. Nobody knows if the Mitchell Ranch Shopping Center will be approved or not).

• Supercenter offers nothing new to Ceres

Ceres needs a Supercenter as much as Ceres needs more transient people asking for spare change. City of Ceres, get the big picture and deny Walmart's application to build a new store. The environmental damage alone from another leap frog development in Ceres isn't worth the cost to local taxpayers and businesses that already exist in the area. A new Supercenter brings new groceries but doesn't bring anything new that is worthwhile. Let Walmart retrofit the existing store so it can sell more groceries and ask them to sell their Mitchell Road property between Service Road and Don Pedro back to the city.