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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 21, 2011
• Detention serves its purpose

I would like to address this comment to the kid who whined that he shows up to late at Central Valley High School and has to serve detention. It is fair, whether or not you realize it. The rule is there to get your undisciplined butt to school on time. There is a real world out there, Carlos, that won't give a crap about how fair it is if you lose your job if you can't show up on time.

Hey here's a pretty simple minded idea. Start out to school earlier, that way you won't be late and have to serve detention. Grow up. Really.

• What's 'whopping' cough?

Hey Jeff, what's whopping cough? (Laughter)

(Editor's note: Yeah, caught that one after it was too late. Thanks for holding us accountable).

• Talk about something other than Walmart

This is to the people who are dragging or complaining about this Walmart thing, going on and on and on and it gets kind of old after a while. Everybody has a choice where they shop. I don't care if they put 10 Supercenters in this town, I will not shop at them. I find dirty people in there, I find children in there who are sick that need to be home and taken care of, you pick up all kinds of germs and get the flus and colds. I thought I'd shop at a Supercenter before. I don't care for their vegetables, their warehouse lights, I don't care for a lot of the things that they have. I don't shop at the Walmart now, it's by my choice. And everyone in this town has a choice where they shop, so I don't worry about a new and such a big conglomerate. It's going to be built.

Talk about something else.

• Boycott Hershey's chocolate

I want to remind everybody with the holidays coming up you're going to buying chocolate ...stay away from Hershey's products. Do not buy it. Just remember how many people were put out of work so they could go get cheaper labor someplace else. Boycott Hershey. I'm struggling and striving right now because I lost my job out there (Oakdale) because they decided to go to Mexico.

• Female cop thinks she's above the law

It must be nice to be a female police officer in Ceres. She doesn't have to obey street laws. I mean, I know if I was parked in a red NO PARKING fire lane I think I'd get a ticket. But then again if I'm gone for 45 minutes to have a lunch in a sandwich shop and come back to my car with soda in hand, it may not be there for me to jump in and drive off like she did. I wonder what the police chief has to say about his officers not obeying laws. Us people of Ceres we do have eyes.

• Have some class, you decorations thieves

I read at Halloween time where somebody stole a pumpkin and here recently somebody stole some decorations in front of my mom's house. You know, it's Christmas season. Please don't steal Christmas decorations. Have some class. Oh my God, show a little dignity and have a little bit of class.

• Lousy record improvement starts at home

My son plays football at Ceres High School. I know the coaches. They are dedicated and they discipline the kids. If you want to improve your lousy records, it starts at home.

1). Checking with grades so kids can qualify to play sports.

2). Gym memberships in the off season to keep the boys in shape.

3). Include them in football camps so they can learn.

4). Just being involved with your son, asking questions about football and the program, being involved in the Boosters.

You have to earn wins; no one's going to give them to you.

• Mormonism and Christianity not the same

This is in response to "Poor taste for faiths to attack each other." Christians aren't attacking Christians here, just a statement of facts. Christianity is not Mormonism. Christians follow Christ in the Bible.