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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 22, 2010
• Flag still a symbol of freedom

I'm responding to the article in the Ceres Courier about the American flag. I was explaining to my grandson that as long as that flag flies we do not take that lightly. It means we are free! I'd hate to see what flag would be flying if the terrorists had won during 9/11. When invaders come into a country they put their flag up; but right now we are under an American flag. That's the symbol of liberty ... with the cost of human lives and this is all being explained to someone eight years old.

• Thanks to guy who saved in dog attack

Monday, Dec. 13 at approximately 2 p.m. I was working in the 3600 block of Blaker in Ceres. I heard a sound coming up on me from behind: It was a full-grown Boxer. I was able to stand my ground and she changed her mind. A moment later she came at me again and I again was able to stand my ground and she backed off. Then she went away. Then I noticed her watching me from about 100 yards away and then she charged. She came within inches of my leg but backed off a few feet. This time I knew it was not going to end too well.

I put my leather gloves on and just as she charged a white pickup came up blowing its horn and squealed to a stop just a few feet from us. This distracted the boxer, then she turned back to me and then the young guy jumped out of the pickup, ran up to the boxer and maced her and then chased it back to her home. When he came back, I cannot remember if I thanked him so I would like to thank him for I was not looking forward to what was about to take place.

• Jeff took a cheap shot

Oh my, my, Jeff. I'm concerned that your stamp of approval for the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter is influencing those who don't do proper, if any, research, to climb on the bandwagon in support of the store. Your characterization of those opposed to the project as screaming the sky is falling is a cheap journalistic shot at those citizens of Ceres who have legitimate concerns. Jeff, you don't live in Ceres and since you are a journalist you should at least acknowledge that fact.

As far as others saying that Turlock is reconsidering changing its big box ordinance so that companies like Wal-Mart would be allowed to build another store, well ... the city decided months ago that the existing big box ordinance would stand.

(Editor's note: The editorial column, "Supercenter offers more for Ceres than it takes away," was published on Dec. 1. As of then, indeed still, the issue is not over in Turlock as stated. The Turlock City Council will take up a Planning Commission recommendation to not repeal the big box ban at its meeting in January. Secondly, Jeff's address has not one thing to do with his belief in the free enterprise system. Lastly, Jeff did not say all who oppose Wal-Mart are declaring that the 'sky is falling' for he did mention all the camps pitched on the Supercenter issue).

• Thanks, gals, for aiding her when down

Weeks ago I was visiting a friend in Ceres. Somebody broke into my car and stole my purse, all my money, credit cards, ATM card and my medication that I need desperately. I went over to the AM/PM to see if I could possibly write a check there because I did have my checkbook with me. I met up with these two gals in a black SUV and they were kind enough to hand me $8 so I could get back to the East Bay and see my father who is very sick with stage 4 cancer. I just want to say to the girls, thank you very much and Merry Christmas. I wanted to let them know that I did make it back to the East Bay and the police were informed when I got back to my home in Alameda. I was able to get my medication back. There are some really great people in Ceres.

• Keep an eye on your kids, Ceres

I'm calling about some the citizens who call police because members of the family are fighting or out of control and then later on turn around and complain about police abusing them. I, myself, are very happy with the service I get from police. It's not fair that they do that. You people who complain can control your own family; don't bother to call police. There's better things they can do than get involved with those kind of people who later on turn around and give them problems.

Ceres is a small town and there's a lot of crime and it's getting worse. People, try to keep an eye on your kids and who they hang around with. It's easy to tell who the gang people are, the way they dress, the way they hang around in bunches doing nothing late at night. Just watch around your neighborhoods. Call if you see anything suspicious.

• Appreciates DeMartini's interest

I called Supervisor Jim DeMartini's office the other day about a matter and I just want readers to know that he represents us. He called me back personally. His assistant called me back every day until Jim had to call me back just to let me know where we were at one a situation that I had. I think Supervisor DeMartini is a pretty good guy. I voted for him before and I'll vote for him again. I really do appreciate him calling me back.