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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 28, 2011
• Flea markets sell stolen goods

For all the stuff that has been stolen has anybody ever tried going out to that flea market on Crows Landing and the one on Seventh Street? I lost my gnomes and found two of them out there for $2 apiece. So just suggesting if you've lost anything, just go to the flea markets; you might be surprised if you find your stuff right there. Of course they'll claim that they don't know how they got it but that's neither here nor there; you can buy it back for a couple of dollars.

• Ceres needs jobs, doesn't it?

I'm calling about the Ceres Supercenter. I am very disturbed over how people are receiving that they don't think that we should have a Supercenter in Ceres. Do they realize that people are out of work and need jobs?

I know the union people are fighting it. I think people ought to shut up and let it go through and not fight something that is going to delay jobs for people in this town. We need jobs. There's all kinds of stores going under. Why do they want to attack Walmart? It's not fair.

You people who are doing this, you probably go town to town and place to place to fight it. I do not understand why you guys want to do this. It was approved by the city. The people in Ceres have spoken. They want the Supercenter so back off and let us do it.

• Basketball program is awesome

We just attended a basketball tournament in Ceres and I just finished reading "Coaches are to blame for lousy records." Well, let me say this. I'm alumnist from Ceres High in 1961 and played the basketball program there. But we just attended a freshman tournament there that was handled as good as I've ever seen and I've been basketball a long time. I think the coaches and the AD did a fabulous job, very nice, well respected, in suits. I was really impressed so my hat's off to the freshman coaches who put that on.

• Coaching skills are not up to par

I am getting back to the "Sound Off!" regarding "Coaches are to blame for lousy record." I totally agree with this person. We've always had in previously years - prior to Central Valley. I am a parent of one of the football athletes that has left Ceres school district. Coaching skills are not up to par. The coaches at this school needs to be re-evaluated and new coaches to come in and run these programs.

• Is TID a monopoly or what?

At a time when our people are struggling to make ends meet, TID decides to raise the rates on us, their loyal customers. None of us get a vote; they dictate the terms. What can I say about dictators? Are they a monopoly?

I'm not worried about federal or state government as much as city government. Aren't they supposed to protect the citizens who put them in office. They raise rates on permits and services. No vote for us. Can they impose charges on us any time they want?

• Car thieves have taken a toll on mother

I'm calling from Roeding Heights Park because four cars have been stolen out of my driveway. They have stolen a Toyota; they took it all the way to LA. and I had to pay all the expenses because I did have full coverage on it. I had to pay all the expenses. I had to pay for the towing. One thousand dollars it cost me.

Two weeks ago they stole my Nissan Sentra and they found it in Modesto. It got towed and I had to pay all the costs too.

They stole my GMC two years ago. Good thing I had full coverage. They burned it. It wasn't paid in full.

They stole my Acura from my front porch, too. A neighbor found the thieves.

I don't know what to do. This year my kids won't have any Christmas presents.

• Teachers should be understanding

I'm calling about the person who put in "Detention serves its purpose." You can't talk to a high school student like that. He does have a point. I've been late to school because of car trouble and just a minute late and get an hour after school and I have to pick up my sister and then she has to wait an extra hour in front of Don Pedro School. It isn't fair because I was late for a whole minute. They should be undetstanding.