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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 31, 2008
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• Kids are out in cold

I live on Vanessa Court and our neighbor has the biggest lot in the cul-de-sac and yet his children live in a camper on his property. Morally or legally is that right or wrong? Please have his kids go back into the house because all of us love Mr. (name withheld) very, very much but we just think his children should go inside when it is cold.

• We cater too much

I'm calling about the "Learn English or pay" in your "Sound Off!" The caller wanted to know why they don't learn English. They don't have to. They come here. We give them money, we pay for their kids to be born, we have bilingual people in every establishment. So we make it way too easy for these people.

• Details on another scam

I was thrilled that I am not the only one who receives spam! I am continually getting the letters from the Nigerian bank scams and London Unitied Kingdon.

But now I have received a scam from a company called Principal Financial Inc., of Centreville, N.S. It also sent me a check for $3,900. It looks very real.

I am wondering how may others received this same type of scam. Bottom of letter says: "NOTE: Please do not act on this notice until you contact your claims agent to avoid cases of misappropriation and mishandling of prize monies.Claims agent: Orlando Martins at number above."

Have you ever heard of this scam? Please inform others.

• Too important an issue

The caller to "Sound Off!" on Dec. 24 didn't understand the person writing in the Letters to the Editor on Dec. 17 about the English only information sent out by the city of Ceres about the rate increases on water and sewer. I also agree about Spanish speaking people who live in the United States, learning, reading and writing English. But this information is far too important not to be available in Spanish when such a large percentage of Spanish speakers live in Ceres. Especially when a protest letter would benefit everyone who pays a city of Ceres utility bill. The city needs to re-think these rate increases; maybe barrowed from the general fund?

• Get off city's case, caller

I want to answer the caller of "Legalized thievery at city hall." I appreciate the caller's concern about the cost of living but you can't say that the city hasn't been frugal with rates. We haven't had sewer and water rate hikes in quite a while. You have to expect that the cost will go up, just like the cost of food or tires or household goods. How can people not expect water and sewer rates to ever go up?

And you can't fault the so-called good old boys for the passage of Measure H last year. That's something the people of Ceres passed in a vote.