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Sound Off calls published Feb. 17, 2010
• She's enjoyed living in Ceres

I want to express my opinion on living in Ceres. I lived in Oakdale most of my life. I'm getting ready to retire and I can no longer afford my home. Actually I'm just going to walk away from it; it doesn't make much sense at my age to stay here. I just wanted to voice my opinion about how Ceres has been just a wonderful place to live. I've lived here since 2000 and just love this city, the convenience of shopping, the convenience of my bank. Everything I want was just within minutes away. But yet it has a big city feel. I really, really enjoy it here and I'm going to be very sad to leave but, you know, sometimes you just have to buck up and do what you have to do. I'm going to move closer to where I work in Oakdale but it's been a great place to live.

• Beware of door-to-door magazine peddler

Ceres residents need to beware of a young man posing as a college student selling magazines to earn a trip abroad. He said he was a neighbor from a nearby street. He made his appeal by offering to send a magazine to a member of Armed Forces in Iraq. He suggested that if the magazine was too expensive you could just donate some cash. When posed with a question about a receipt for the cash or an I.D., he became angry and walked away saying rude things. A possible red flag.

San Diego neighborhoods are being warned of a scam with the same approach.

• In favor of electronic signs

I'm calling in regarding the electronic sign passage. My only concern on that is how bright it will be. I don't know who if you call it candlewatt or what. As long as they're not too bright at night I think it would look a lot better than some of these faded flags that are flying and selling signs that people put out to try to get businesses in. I'm kind of in favor of it as long as it doesn't distract from drivers, especially at night time. Example: how bright the John Ascuaga's Nugget is in Sparks, Nevada. When you drive by that at night it about blinds you. I hope the council considers how bright it is. As long as it's not too bright I think it would look good.

• Wants police to act on drug house

I have lived in Ceres for quite some time now and I am utterly disappointed with the Ceres Police Department. My husband and I bought our home about five years ago in an established neighborhood. For the most part we have wonderful neighbors, we love our home and take good care of it. However, within the last two to three years we have had a drug house pop up next to us. I and our neighbors have made several complaints to the Ceres Police Department and continue to have no resolve. I have provided several pieces of "evidence" and made numerous calls and emails to the officer in charge of the drug/gang task force only to receive an email that states if the resident has a medical marijuana card that there is nothing that can be done. Imagine my surprise to find out that if you possess a medical marijuana card you basically have a home-based business! We are sick of dealing with the CPD's lack of concern for our homes, children, pets and general safety! What will it take to get Ceres to provide some kind of resolve to this situation? What will it take to get the Police Department to do their job?

These people have taken over our neighborhood; our children are not allowed to play in the front of the house as we never know who is going to be around! People pull up in front of this house at all hours of the night, one person will jump out and leaves two or three others in the car, within minutes they return and drive away! It is ridiculous that we continue to deal with this situation and feel that we have no resolve! My question to the Ceres Police Department is simple, when are you going to do your job and protect this neighborhood?

Let's get something done here!

• No provision made for truck drivers

About the tow truck drivers parking in the residential areas, my son drives truck long haul and last week he was home for a day and ... where he normally parks just to come by and have lunch, maybe shower and clean up a little bit, visit his wife and son, he received $105 parking ticket. He talked to the police officer and said over there on Service Road that some guy was using it as a drop yard for his trailers and the city put "no parking" over there. A licensed vehicle parking on a road received a parking ticket just so he could come by and see his family for a little bit. It's just ridiculous. Now he has nowhere to park except for up in Ripon. It's ludicrous for us to drive all the way up there to pick him up so he can come home just for a couple of hours. I just think the city needs to take that into consideration. I understand parking tow trucks in a residential area would be a problem being noisy and you can't see around it and the kids' safety. But no truck parking where trucks used to park? Out of sight and out of mind for the most part on Service Road, it's just not right.