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Sound Off! calls published Feb. 22, 2012
• Ceres Police does a great job

Ceres Police does a great job! They show up extremely quick as soon as you need them! I hate it when people badmouth them.

I used to live in Modesto and the police would take forever to answer a call. Ceres does a great job! There are not a lot of friendly people in this town so I can kind of understand why they badmouth them because they themselves are the criminals! If you have an issue with a cop, that's because you have an issue with the law. Don't get in trouble and you wont have an issue with them! People don't see cops unless they need their help or if they are in trouble. The ones who get in trouble obviously try to sue them and badmouth them. It makes me laugh when those stupid people try to sue them because they are just criminals that should be locked up and yet they still feel important. Keep up the good work, Ceres! And clean out the dirty people!

• Only one problem matters: drug abuse

I'm calling to tell people that they're complaining about all the wrong things. They complain about the president, this, that, the other and I think the problem is drugs. We need to work on a way to get rid of the drugs. We would get rid of a lot of the homeless, a lot of hungry people, a lot of abused children. So work on the drug problem, okay?

• A good use for Walmart when it vacates

I think that the old Walmart on Hatch Road, we need to make that into a good skating rink for all the kids and that would be nice. Or a movie theater. Or maybe half a skating rink, half a movie theater, you know where you could go outside and eat. That'd be awesome.

• Split California into two states

Dear congressmen and senators, split the state. Keep the Bay Area and L.A. together, Northern California and the Valley together. Or abolish the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We told leadership that illegal immigration would bankrupt out hospitals, schools, prisons and ultimately the state. We passed Prop. 187 and our representatives allowed the arrogant judge dictators in the Ninth Circuit Court to suppress the vote we, the people, fought and died for. Now the gay mafia is teaching their perverted lifestyle to our children in our public schools. We told you with Prop. 8 will not call an unnatural bond marriage. The same arrogant liberal dictators in the Ninth Circuit Court once again has suppressed California's vote - the vote we fought and died for. Our representatives do not have the courage to articulate the fact that the liberals are forcing us to subsidize things we do not believe in. This is taxation without representation. Stand up for your constituents. These are historic times. You are treading on me. Split this state.

• Ceres Hope Chest best one of all

I shop at the Hope Chest stores and I really think that the Ceres Hope Chest needs to be commended for their clean store and all their employees are so sweet and nice.

I have been to the other Hope Chest on McHenry and on Crowlanding Road and they're just a shame how they look and smell. I just really love the store in Ceres. It's so clean and orderly.