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Sound Off! calls published Feb. 24, 2010
• Signs will be a distraction

I came home from vacation and was upset that I missed the council meeting on the changeable electric signs. Not only is this a distraction but it's hazardous. With the traffic congestion already on Mitchell Road and the number of traffic lights in place, traffic will slow to read the sign. Then wait for cannery season with the amount of increased truck traffic. How many people drive down Whitmore Avenue and read the time on the sign from the bank then look in the mirror to check the temperature? Then they either find themselves right there at the stop sign, or slowing down to get both readings time and temperature.

There is a reason that most cities ban electronic changeable signs. Turlock has one and the sign is blinding. I don't know the answer but I first thought is the business that was first promoting, Turlock Auto Plaza is out of business, closed, vacant, who is responsible for the sign now?

• Loves reading about old Ceres

I just love to read about old time Ceres. I miss the Bill Noble articles and wish we could get some of the old timer residents to come forward with their stories of past times in Ceres and surrounding areas.

• Concentrate on the real offenders

I'm a Ceres resident and live on Glasgow Drive. I've lived here about 20 years now and I was personally offended when I received a citation in the mail for my wife's car being on jack stands in the driveway for one day while I repaired the brakes on her car. But yet I look around from standing in my driveway and I see nothing but overgrown yards that aren't being taken care of, broke down cars in driveways that have been there for several years covered in spider webs with flat tires. I see nothing but trailers and RVs in front of people's houses that don't move and make the whole neighborhood look like trash. It would really be nice if the city of Ceres and the Police Division would enforce some of these laws about broke down cars and trailers and RVs being in front of houses instead of back behind fences. And then force them to do something about lawns that aren't mowed and trees are overgrown and bushes everywhere. They should be enforcing laws with those people instead of harassing those of us who keep well maintained yards and houses and cars.

• Get used to pot use on the rise

I'm calling about the call, "Wants police to act on drug house." I just wanted to say this lady obviously isn't too sure about what her neighbors are doing because (unintelligible). I'm a medical marijuana patient and I use it for pain and to go to sleep, and yes I occasionally have it growing at my house and I don't see it as a big deal. She needs to get used to it. It's all over the news; it's going to be legalized here pretty soon. Pretty soon all the kids and everybody will be taking it.

• No peace with thumping stereos

I'm a Ceres resident and wondering just how much longer the city of Ceres is going to allow people with these stereo systems pounding in neighborhoods and going down the streets with no kind of fixing to it. It's just getting outrageous. There's no peace in the neighborhoods anymore. No one wants to say anything because of retalitation. People are being threatened and it's just not a nice place to live any more.

• Also disappointed in council decision

Dear Jeff, a lot of time I do not agree with your opinion. However, your summation about the council approving electronic signs for Dirk Wyatt was right on the mark. Why should it matter to the Ceres City Council that their vote went against our planning commissioners recommendation and the city's own sign policy? It is obvious that they have other priorities which don't include anything of value. Let us not forget that Councilman Ken Lane asked in 2008 for the council to put Wyatt's request as an issue of priority over more crucial projects and decisions facing the city. Despite disappointing you and me, even in upscale neighborhoods across California, we see a decline in aesthetics when electronic signs are in place. I guess our council wants Ceres to be viewed as sleezy as Las Vegas. Next maybe they will approve Gentlemen's Club advertisements on the billboards.

• Gets neighbors' cats fixed too

I'm responding to the cat owner. I have six cats and every one of them have been fixed. I am a cat lover. Our cats do not run around in the neighborhood; they stay right there at the house. I feed them good but now I am getting other people's cats. I am getting them fixed too because I am tired of other people who don't take the responsibility of keeping their cats home.

• Police didn't act on his tips either

I'm just calling in about the article on "Wants police to act on drug house." I've lived in Ceres for over a couple of decades. I was also very disappointed about how Ceres police handled a case very similar. The way they responded to detailed information on one of the neighbors.

• Neighbor's dog keeping him awake

It's about 12:22 on a Friday night and those stupid, inconsiderate, worthless neighbors at (1600 block) of Capital Drive (have) their stupid dogs barking as usual. I cannot understand how people in the neighborhood can be so inconsiderate when it comes to their stupid noisy barking dogs. There's some people out there who have to work for a living and these idiots, for some reason, don't even wake up when their dogs bark. Can't understand people like that. And the hell of it is they have kids and about six cats. Of course the cats never use their own yard; they always have to go crap in everyone else's.

It's amazing.

• Crack down on dogs in drivers' laps

I realize it's not a law but it's just as bad as cell phones at times when people have their dogs on their laps or on their arms when they're driving their cars. I see it all the time and somebody needs to create a law to not let this happen, especially if you have a pickup truck. It's just a bad thing. I like dogs. I have a dog but he's in the back of my truck. There's no reason a dog needs to be sitting in the front. If you have a car he can sit in the back seat.

• Sabatino is such a joke

Sabatino, what a joke. The illustrious ex mayor of Modesto who was soundly defeated for re-election in 2003 is again running for county supervisor. Over the past 30 years Sabatino has run for office many, many times; he was selected only once - what an accomplishment. During his four years' tenure as mayor he was very polarizing, very controversial. He accomplished very little. He has always sought attention. He is a very insecure person as most politicians are. He is a political hack. The authorities have always been on his tail. Let's be sure he loses his final race in June of this year - then and only then will he finally return under a rock where he belongs.