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Sound Off! calls published Feb. 29, 2012
• Citizens don't represent us all

I don't appreciate one little group of people calling themselves "Citizens for Ceres" just because they don't want any new jobs apparently coming into this town. For the most part everyone in Ceres seems to like the idea of the Walmart Supercenter, and now we have a well known restaurant wanting to come in as well. Do they realize how many jobs that will bring to this town? And besides income, how much in taxes to improve things around town once more? We have several businesses that want to come in and improve the economy in this town significantly. How is it that one little group - which isn't boosting money for this town - acts like they represent the whole town, and can delay things so drastically? The answer? Citizens for Ceres.

• Hopes Frank Correia has happy retirement

With regard to "Jeweler calls it quits after 39 years," I have lived in Missouri for the last 18 years, and I lived in Ceres for 15 years before moving here. I remember Frank and I hope everything works out for him! I miss being there, but I try to make it back every couple years to see family and the flea market, Sequoia Market, and all the good food. Miss the taco trucks! Take care of my home town! It used to be a wonderful place to live!

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• Smokers have a right to smoke

I like smokers. I don't smoke but do you know why I like smokers? Because they're real.

My grandpa smoked from the age of 9 until he died of old age. They have a right to smoke.

• Ask yourself if you are better off today

I wanted to comment about the race for president. In 1980 Ronald Reagan asked Americans if they were better off than they were before Jimmy Carter became president. We should all ask ourselves the same question of Obama. I can tell you that I am not better off, nor is anybody I know. Hope and change gave us despair and longing for somebody else.

I say anybody but Obama would suit me just fine.