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Sound Off! calls published Feb. 9, 2011
• Unfit water getting expensive

This is concerning the water in this area. This water isn't fit to drink. Everybody buys bottled water. What is the problem here? And now they have meters at people's homes and everything. If they don't watch out there's going to be a big City Council meeting in Ceres and at other places protesting this. Why don't we have water that's clean and drinkable.

(Editor's note: City officials assure residents that Ceres water is safe and drinkable. But taste is up to the individual. No doubt about it that purified water at local kiosks taste much better than tap water).

• New managers are a disaster

I'm calling about the little retirement center that's behind Blaker Kinser Junior High School. That seemed to be one of the nicest places for seniors for a long time and now it's under new management and a total disaster. Some of those little seniors are suffering the losses that is ridiculous. There's too many young people being allowed, running through there. I wonder if there's something that could be done about the new managers.

• Connor Peterson is whole in heaven

I'm responding to the first article on Jan. 19 "Shooting bad, abortion is bigger." Well, you know, when Scott Peterson was charged with murder, he was charged with two counts of murder. So our law does state that in certain venues people can be charged with murder of unborn babies. The overall picture, I guess, is a loophole or something. Innocent blood is required. It's a mystery to me. I guess our eyes are just plain and we can't see the truth. It's unfortunate but these babies, we will see them again. We will see Connor and that will be his legacy ("Hey, I'm not a fetus, I'm Connor.)

• Treat homicide suspects with respect

About the article mentioning the three young men who were arrested on the accusation of the attempted homicide at Carl's Jr., I have a big problem on how the Ceres Courier felt the need to include their addresses. Knowing these young men personally, I know that all of them live with their families with young children who do not deserve their information put out there.

If you didn't notice, these men are being accused; they are innocent until proven guilty and putting their addresses is putting both the young men and their families at a very high risk for retaliation. How is the public going to feel when the information the newspaper released is used to retaliate against the families of the accused. Until a fair trial determines whether these young men are guilty or not, The Ceres Courier or any other form of news should treat these men with a little more respect.

(Editor's note: The location of the arrests is a matter of public information, however, you might notice we published the blocks, not specific addresses. Our article clearly stated that the men were only arrested, charged and imprisoned at extremely high bail amounts).

• Old timer sends message of love

I'm Barry Maxfield, son of Lynda Brewer and grandson of Carl and Margret Miner who were lifelong residents of Ceres. I remember so little of my Grandpa because he passed when I was so young and we moved around a lot until my Dad got out of the Air Force. However my Grandma was the best as any, always with a smile and not a bad thing to say ever. I still have an old box of the original Miners Department Store business cards in an old chest. I remember the fields would flood on irrigation days and we would run following an old gas prop model airplane modified into a swamp boat on nothing more than a roof shingle shaped with a v-bow through the Ceres High field across the street. The ants would all climb up the fruit trees and we were as wet as beavers looking for fish and such.

My mom has sent over 240 care packages to our troups overseas and has done a great job and feels very good about herself and I am so proud of her. Can you give her a big "sound off!" for me in the paper?

I, as well as my Mom, can remember Ceres as having a lot of good old days; these are good to have in this age. My love for you on Valentines Day, Mom. Love Barry in the great northwest.

• Great dinner at My Garden Cafe

My Garden Cafe, at the corner of Moffet and Whitmore, is now open for dinner, I believe it's Tuesday through Saturday evening. My family and I went there Friday night for dinner and i was delightful. You should try it.