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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 11, 2012
• Blame CVHS tardies on parents

I'm tired of people calling in about the student who was complaining about the new tardy policy. They're calling him irresponsible.

I just wanted to it's the parent/drivers who make it difficult for one thing. If traffic wasn't so congested at the Central/Service intersection because of parents' horrible driving and blocking of the intersection and roads into the student drop off lane, tardies wouldn't be a problem. They back up the roads to drop off their kids in the drop-off lane that ends up in the intersection. The school should open up the front of the school parking lot or send the parents to the student parking lot at the back where others drop off their kids.

And for you parents of Central Valley students, everyone wants to get their student get to school on time so make it easy on everyone. And if traffic is backed up to get in the front drop-off lane, go around back.

• Walmart is not the place to work

In response to the "Supercenter won't improve job picture" call, the caller is very correct. Right now they're not even hiring people. In fact, they are giving employees days off because they say they have more hours than what is needed. All they want is for us to work and work and work and not really be compensated.

You work hard at Christmas. You work hard on Black Friday and what do they do after that? They take away hours. They put you in other departments that's supposed to pay more money but you do not get more money for the hours you put in. They want you to do other people's jobs while some people stand around and do nothing.

Walmart is not the place to work. Years and years ago it was very good to work at Walmart not nowadays I would not suggest anybody working for Walmart.

As far as the Supercenter goes, they'll hired people like you say and then terminate them.

• Solution to garage sales signs being posted

I am calling about these annoying people who leave up their garage sale flyers and signs. I just saw a green sign at the entrance to the Ceres Walmart which was dated 9/6!

I have a solution. The city code enforcement officer needs to start plucking the signs off the poles and go to the address on the sign, present the sign to the resident along with two fines: One for littering and the other for violating the city law that states you cannot post garage sale signs on corners and such places. The fines would stop the problem, people who spread the news word of mouth and the city could generate the revenue it needs.

I say it's a great idea and would like the City Council to maybe address this in print. Let's take some leadership on this problem.