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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 12, 2010
• Where are our road taxes going?

Why is it that Gondring Road seems to have been abandoned by Ceres and the county? Residents have to drive around FLOODED signs constantly. Dirt from the levys have taken over much of the road in places. The only way for residents to get home is to drive up on the canal banks and then fear that law enforcement will ticket them.

I've seen road work on streets that have nothing wrong with them yet this road is slowly disappearing. The damage done to vehicles is high. Not to mention the safety hazard from emergency vehicles having to negotiate around such hazards to get to the homes.

• Lane sales don't bother this visitor

I read in last week's "Sound Off!" where a resident of Christmas Tree Lane was upset that two people were selling things at night and he was upset. I was not so upset to see that take place. I understand that the hot chocolate sales was for a youth charity.

The Christmas season is about cutting people slack and enjoying a giving spirit. Sounds like the caller was decorating his house with a rotten spirit. Why pull your lights to spite two people with an entrepreneurial spirit?

• Hands of Compassion were all angels

I wanted to say a big thank you to the angels of Ceres. This would be the group that is made up of several organizations in Ceres. They are called Hands of Compassion.

On Dec. 22 this group came to my house in the Ceres fire engine and a black police truck with Santa standing out of the top. They brought my family a box of food with a turkey and presents for all of my children. The lady who had come to my house a few days before came up and hugged me and my kids. She brought us out to see Santa and took pictures. It was such a special thing for all of us. They even had presents for other kids in the neighborhood who came outside.

During this time of year when you have suffered from this economy and fallen on hard times, you can start to feel very sad. This group, the fire and police department and this woman - a blessed angel - made our holiday bright. I wanted to thank them for all they did. You are amazing! May God bless you and your families.

• People trashed Christmas Tree Lane

I also live on Christmas Tree Lane. Thanks, city of Ceres for absolutely nothing. Usually on opening day when we prepared our homes we'd at least have a street sweeper and someone to help with the good appearance of our street. None at all. We used to at least have the Ceres PD Explorers for traffic control and to patrol the streets for excessive theft and vandalism. The refreshment containers were never in the garbage cans. Every morning we had to do garbage patrol. Excessive peddlers are not wanted.

I, too, will not decorate in the coming years. Go to your own neighborhood and destroy it.

• How about law against pets in lap in car?

People talk about people talking on the phone and not paying attention and that's great. And about texting, that's great. But what about these people who really don't know how to drive and have their pets sitting in their laps hanging out the window? Do you think that's a distraction. I just think if you have a pet you shouldn't let it sit on your lap while driving down the road. You can't see, the dog's stepping all over the car. I was almost hit on Whitmore Avenue by a woman who had a dog on her lap.

That's just something to think about.

• Fed up on Christmas Tree Lane

I am also calling about Christmas Tree Lane. This is turning into a flea market. We work very hard to put these on and in return we get people throwing items, also dogs pooping in our yards, baby diapers thrown down. I also had three small girls swinging my lights that were hanging around my yard as the mother just stood and watched; I had to replace these because they burned out.

I'm also tired of the city of Ceres letting people think this event is city funded. They didn't have the decency to have our street swept.

I, too, will not decorate next year. Hang your own lights and let your dog poop on your yard. I am boycotting Christmas Tree Lane.