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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 16, 2008
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No love, no inheritance

I heard somebody say the other day that no whatever what, your family should get your inheritance. Families believe that if they're family they are entitled to an inheritance. But this is what Ann Landers had to say and I cut this out a long time ago. It says, "I am an estate planner. Over the last several years I have seen many clients change their wills, bypassing children and grandchildren and leave their money to friends, charities and people they once worked with who were kind and helpful. There are many reasons for changing a will but the two most common are disrespect and isolation. In some families, the only time the old folk see the grandchildren is when their parents need a favor, which is usually money. So the message the old folk wish to convey is, "You didn't make time for me when I was lonely and would have enjoyed your company, so why should I leave you the money I worked for all my life?' Wake up out there! An inheritance isn't owed to you! It is a gift of love. When there is no love, then there should be no gift."

This person who wrote into Ann Landers hit the nail right on the head.

Be careful over Supercenter

Talk about a waste of taxpayers' money: Walk along Moffet Road by Carroll Fowler and Mae Hensley and listen to classrooms being heated in the middle of Christmas holiday. That is totally ridiculous.

How dare used toys be given out

I'm reading the Ceres Courier's Jan. 2 "Sound Off!" and the title is "Toys for Tots not their best." Please find out who sponsored that toy collection. Get them shut down. How dare they accept those as gifts and then turn around and give them out to children. They don't deserve to run that kind of program. They're ruining it for all the firefighters and all the decent people involved.

What an ungrateful mother

I just want to make a comment on the "Toys for Tots not their best." I'm kind of offended. They ask for gently used toys - I personally bought new toys and put it in the bucket and donated at several places in Ceres. I'm just kind of appalled that somebody would think that anything that was donated for their kids' sake of having a Christmas would be "crud." Wow. That's all I can say is wow. Talk about appreciative! What would Jesus say to that?

Talk about ungrateful.

Charter is ripping off people

I can one-up the Charter overcharging. I was on vacation in Reno and apparently four pornos were ordered at my house. I showed them the receipt, showed them the bills that my whole family was there (on vacation) and guess what? I still had to pay it! It's a ripoff but what are you going to do? It's the only cable company in town.

Get a job, ungrateful mom

This is to the lady who was bad about the used bears for her kids. Tell her to get a job and buy her kids new toys.

And I've met these daughter-in-laws and they are attention getters.

Wal-Mart cheating at site

This is regarding the Wal-Mart Supercenter story that I saw about how they're already jumping the gun and cheating. Yeah, it's a big deal, City Council. It's a big deal when they go and scrape and clean the land ahead of time when there's no such environmental surveys or killing off the animals that live there. Nothing's been checked or looked at yet. Already it starts. Already the conniving. Anyway to win.

I saw it on CNN last week, some kind of expose on that Wal-Mart. Now I won't even drive past it. It disgusts me and this City Council disgusts me.

This is regarding the mayor looking over the people that applied for the council position opened by the death of Mr. Phipps. Just go and ask the people that he considered as opposed to the ones we tried to elect. I bet you anything they are in his ideas and views for wanting that stupid Wal-Mart.

He won't even return calls from people who are in opposition. It's all about what they want to get their little ignorant selves to get done and they don't care about the rules or what people think.

Had to "eat it' with Charter bill

This is in response to the Charter issue. This is disturbing on so many levels. First let's address the obvious. No one asked for the opinion of the porn problem; they asked for similar experiences with the business.

Secondly, no one "sent" porn; she stated she was charged for it.

Sending issues to "Sound Off!" is what the "Sound Off!" is for, or so I assumed anyway. What I didn't realize was that it was used as a back-biting venue. What you said with "Obviously there's somebody in your household lying to you because Charter doesn't just send people pornography for no reason." Do you work for Charter and know this to be fact?

Yes, they do charge for no reason and they have overcharged me in the past. I turned in both converters and a computer modem when I moved. Two years later I find that I was being charged for the items to the tune of $300. That was a shock of its own, on top of the fact it was sent to collections. I was however offered a gracious deal to keep it off my TRW. Guess who paid Charter twice for the same thing? In more recent times, I called in to change my package with them and they asked if I wanted to keep ESPN and the Spanish channel. I asked why I was being charged for those anyway, and was told someone from my home ordered them. Now I'm sorry, I hate sports and I do not speak Spanish. She said she had no proof that I didn't, and I asked if I was going to "eat it" and she politely told me yes.