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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 19, 2010
• Shooting bad, but abortion is worse

The tragedy in Tucson is by all means a despicable act but so is an abortion. Our country has the nerve to make such a big deal about the Tucson tragedy while it allows the murder of unborn children every day. It's also fake for those supporting abortion to make a big deal about the Tucson murders. Our country is really warped.

If we aborted every baby in the womb in the world from today on the human race would die out in a few generations. How is this not murder?

• Get over New Year's Eve noise makers

This is to the guy who thinks making a lot of noise at midnight on New Year's Eve is stupid and for idiots because people might have to work the next morning. You might probably want to get over that because I don't see anybody changing that any time soon. Where's your spirit? So what, you lose a little sleep.

• Thanks for article honoring Woody

I just want to thank the Ceres Courier for printing the article about Woodrow Wilson Olds and thank Fred Gowan for writing it. Woody was a good friend.

• Report vandalism when you see it

Yeah people if you see graffiti, call the graffiti hotline. You may stay anonymous. Let's keep our city cleaned up and actually do what it's supposed to be - gang free and drug free. If you see them painting you can take a picture with your cell phone or a digital camera and send that right to the Police Department. Again, you may remain anonymous.

• Spare cost of daytime school site lights

I'd like to say the school that's being built on Whitmore and Eastgate has lights on 24 hours a day. How about turning them off during the day and they can save a lot of money for which they can use otherwise. I understand why they have it on at night, for security reasons, but why during the day?

• Sweeper skipped her street for weeks

Does anyone know the schedule of the Ceres street sweeper? He hasn't been down my street in a good six weeks and I know I've seen them in town. So I'm wondering if anyone knows the schedule and how much we as individuals as paying out of our monthly bill for the street cleaner who never comes.

(Editor's note: Clean Sweep Environmental (CSE) charges the city approximately $91,460 per year for street sweeper. The city does not "bill" residents for anything other than sewer, water and garbage. We were advised that if a resident has a complaint or inquiry to call Public Works maintenance at 538-5739. Trucks are monitored by GPS tracking and their passes can be verified. Also, the city plans to post the schedule online at

• Another on Christmas Tree Lane fed up

I'm a Christmas Tree Lane resident and I'm calling about "Lane sales don't bother this visitor." I wish that visitor knew that - about the understanding about the Christmas spirit and stuff - as residents we're putting out there sometimes hundreds of dollars worth of decorations and people are ruining them nightly and even stealing them. We had people run off with stuff so that when you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is look at the window to see what is possibly gone. So it has become quite a circus to put it politely.